WHO Joins TikTok to Spread Awareness About Coronavirus

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined popular social media platform, TikTok, to share information about the novel coronavirus that has already claimed the lives of more than three thousand people and severely disrupted global business. The organization has already posted multiple videos on the platform to relay important information about the deadly disease and teach people how to protect themselves from the deadly disease.

Referred to as CoVID-19 by the medical community, the novel coronavirus originated in China late last year and has already affected tens of thousands of people in the country and killed more than two thousand. Worryingly, the disease has since started taking pandemic proportions, with thousands of reported cases in places like South Korea, the US, Iran and Italy. India has also reported multiple cases of the disease already.

With no immediate vaccine in sight, the disease remains a major threat, so you’d do well to check out some of the WHO videos on TikTok and other social media platforms to know more about the deadly disease and learn how to protect yourselves and your loved ones from it. At around 2 percent, the fatality rate for the novel coronavirus is significantly lower than the swine flu pandemic that swept across far-east Asia earlier this decade, but it’s still almost twenty times higher than the regular flu that reportedly kills around 0.1 percent of the people who contract it.

Social media apps have already become the most important way to share information online, and the WHO already has a considerable presence on other such platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, with TikTok’s growing popularity, especially among teens and young adults in some of the most populous countries like India, China and the US, it was only natural for the organization to have jumped on the bandwagon to reach a larger cross section of people around the world.

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