Top 10 Star Wars Planets (Ranked)

Star Wars has turned out to be one of the most expansive universes ever created in cinematic history. With more than twenty titles to its name, there is no limit to how far the universe of Star Wars can expand. However, certain planets in the galaxy play a rather significant role in the lore of Star Wars, and in this article, let’s talk about the top 10 planets in the Star Wars saga that have played a major role in molding this epic story.

10. Alderaan

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Alderaan is one of the most beautiful planets in the Star Wars saga. Covered with immense greenery and elaborate water bodies, its beauty and charm are also a metaphor for how peaceful this planet is. Alderaan played a crucial role during the Rebel Alliance since Senator Bail Organa was highly opposed to the Empire and even adopted Princess Leia.

However, since Alderaan was so closely related to The Rebellion and Princess Leia, it became a target for the Empire’s new and deadly weapon, the Death Star. In A New Hope, the Empire, in a feat to display their power, obliterated Alderaan using the Death Star.

9. Coruscant

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Coruscant serves as the political center of the entire Star Wars story. This planet houses the Jedi Council as well as the Galactic Senate. Coruscant is where Palpatine laid out his schemes to rise as the Emperor during Revenge of the Sith and Attack of The Clones. This planet is also the place where Palpatine carried out the corruption of Anakin Skywalker. After the Empire came to power, Coruscant was renamed to be the Imperial Center.

8. Kamino

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Kamino is a water planet that holds mastery in cloning technology. Even though this planet is covered entirely in the ocean, Kaminoans have built elaborate cities elevated from the inhospitable and violent tendencies of this planet’s oceans.

Kamino is the planet that was responsible for the creation of The Republic’s army of clones using the genetic blueprint of  Jango Fett. However, once the Empire rose to power, they destroyed Tipoca, Kamino’s capital city, and all their other cloning factories.

7. Crait

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A planet Star Wars fans can recognize in seconds is Crait, the white rocky landscape of this planet makes it rather easy to identify. However, this planet is not white because of snow but has a red surface covered with salt making this planet a stellar landscape for one of the most important battles in Star Wars, one of them being in The Last Jedi.

6. Geonosis

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Geonosis is the planet that lit the flame for the rise of the Clone Wars. Geonosians captured Obi-Wan Kenobi which eventually led to the first chapter of the Clone Wars. The war began when Kenobi, Padme Amidala, and Anakin Skywalker were all sentenced to death in front of an audience for the entertainment of Geonosians. Seeing their fellow Jedi’s life in danger, Jedi forces came to their rescue but many Jedi Knights lost their lives including Jango Fett. However, Geonosis met an unfortunate end when the Empire killed off the entire population of the planet.

5. Bespin

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Bespin is a Gas Giant planet and is also a mineral-rich planet, especially a rare gas called Tibanna attracting the attention of mining companies that built cloud cities to tap into this extremely profitable resource. However, this Cloud City has also been the ground for numerous key events in the Star Wars saga.

This is the planet where the Emperor captured Han Solo and Chewbacca and was also the ground where the legendary duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader took place by the end of which Luke learned about Vader being his father.

4. Mustafar

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Mustafar is by far the most uninhabitable planet in the Star Wars saga. However, it was not always a planet throbbing with lava and a deadly topography. Long before the events of Star Wars Episode 3: revenge of The Sith, a woman named Lady Corvax, strong in the force tried to revive her husband using a relic that sustained Mustafar’s landscape teeming with greenery and life. Her tempering with this artifact made Mustafar the lava-rich planet we know it to be.

After that incident, Mustafar became strong on the Dark Side and Darth Vader built his fortress on Mustafar. This planet is famously known as the spot where the legendary duel between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi took place. However, when we witness this planet in Star Wars: Rise of The Skywalker, it is filled with greenery and life since it began to heal itself after the death of Darth Vader.

3. Lothal

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At first glance, Lothal might seem to be just another farming planet but in truth, this planet held one of the most powerful relics in the entirety of the Star Wars saga. In Star Wars: Rebels, Padawan Ezra Bridger finds a hidden Jedi temple on Lothal. The temple has a hidden portal that has the power to teleport anyone to ” The world between worlds” which is at any point in time through galactic history.

The Emperor tried to gain access to this power which could have been disastrous if Ezra Bridger and Ahsoka had not successfully stopped him from entering the temple. After this, they destroyed the portal so that no one could ever gain access to such a power.

2. Dagobah

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Another planet of major importance is Dagobah, now you may ask why this planet crawling with hostile wildlife and inhospitable conditions is important in the tale of Star Wars. The answer to that is, that Dagobah is the planet that turned Luke Skywalker into a Jedi. This planet is where Yoda exiled himself after the fall of the Jedi Order after the Clone Wars. When Luke Skywalker crash-landed on this planet, the hostilities of this planet acted as a perfect training ground for him to be trained into being a Jedi by Yoda himself.

1. Tatooine

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Talking about the Star Wars Franchise, the entirety of the franchise sprouted from the planet of Tatooine. This planet is where Anakin Skywalker was born and also serves as the planet where Luke Skywalker spent his childhood. Tatooine is a rather scarcely populated planet but its role in the Star Wars saga holds the helm above any other planet introduced to us in the franchise. The importance of this planet can be measured by the fact that it appears not only in the original trilogy of Star Wars but Tatooine also makes an appearance in recent shows like Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What planet is Mandalorian set on?

A majority of the Mandalorian is set on the planet of Mandalore.

What planet is Ahsoka from?

Ahsoka hails from the planet of Shili.

Which planet is Obi-Wan from?

Obi-Wan Kenobi was born on a planet named Stewjon.

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