The Acolyte: What Is the Meaning of a Yellow Lightsaber

Star Wars: The Acolyte is now streaming on Disney Plus, and two episodes are available to stream. Now since the show in the Star Wars Universe, seeing Jedis using their lightsabers is next to inevitable. However, one of the lightsabers we saw was quite different from the rest. In the series, we got to see Yord Fandar wielding a yellow lightsaber. Now, what is the meaning of Yellow Lightsaber.

Meaning of Yellow Lightsaber

A yellow lightsaber is a representation of a Jedi having deep devotion and loyalty towards the Force and the Jedi order. Yellow Lightsabers are formed when a Jedi holds a Kyber crystal and it turns yellow indicating the Jedi’s deep trust and connection with the Force this is why a Yellow lightsaber is always found with Jedi Temple Guards. This is also the reason why Rey Skywalker‘s lightsaber turned yellow as well.

Who is Yord Fandar In The Acolyte

The Acolyte: What Is the Meaning of a Yellow Lightsaber
Image Courtesy: Star Wars.Com

Yord Fandar has made his first-ever appearance in Star Wars: The Acolyte. according to the details we have from the show itself, he graduated to being a Jedi Knight and a Guardian of the Jedi Temple. Even though he is highly trained and devoted to the Jedi Order, everything that he does is exactly to the book which can turn out to be problematic.

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