WhatsApp Might Soon Call You to Verify Your Account

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Amidst controversies surrounding its privacy policies in India, WhatsApp continues to add new features to its app to improve functionality. Recently, we saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirm three new features coming to the messaging platform. Now, as per recent reports, WhatsApp is aiming to add a new way to verify accounts.

Flash Calls Verification on WhatsApp

Now, if you are switching smartphones and trying to log in to your WhatsApp account on the new device, you might know that WhatsApp asks you for an OTP (One Time Password) to verify your identity. However, a new feature dubbed “Flash Calls” has been recently spotted inside the latest WhatsApp beta version. It gives you the option to verify your WhatsApp account using phone calls.

Reputable WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo recently spotted the Flash Calls feature in the WhatsApp for Android beta version # As per the report, the said feature is currently under development.

How Will it Work?

The Flash Calls feature is a quick way to verify your WhatsApp account. Using this new method, when you try to log in to your account, the app will call your number and automatically disconnect it after a ring or two. Then it will match the last phone number on your call log to the number that gives you the 6-digit code to verify your account. If they match, you will be logged in.

WhatsApp Flash calls verification method

Now, it is worth mentioning that you will require to give the app access to your call logs and give it the permission to make and manage phone calls on your device. And as Apple does not have a public API to read the call history, the feature, unfortunately, will not be available for iOS users.


Once it is ready to roll out, the Flash Calls feature will only be available on WhatsApp for Android and will likely be optional. Moreover, other than comparing the phone numbers on your device, WhatsApp will not use your call history for any other purposes.

WhatsApp will roll out this feature to the public in a future update. However, there is no specific date or timeline for when it is going to be available on the stable version of the app.

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