Update: Seems to be down on Mac too. More below.

Facebook seems to have been hit by a weird bug which doesn’t let Business or Brand Pages post anything from a Windows PC. We have been struggling with this bug today, since our social media manager uses a Windows laptop and have had to use Hootsuite to tackle the issue, which surprisingly hasn’t seen much discussion.

As we discovered today morning, we were unable to post anything on the Beebom Facebook page from the Windows laptop. We tried using Chrome, our go-to browser but the text-box for writing a new post just wouldn’t load up. We disabled the ad-blocker which sometimes poses conflicts with Facebook pages. Still no luck. This is what we see when we try to create a new post:

Next, we tried Mozilla Firefox, where we had the same issue. Same on Microsoft Edge. Fortunately, we were able to post from a Windows PC using Hootsuite.

We found just one report on Twitter highlighting the issue, but even that hasn’t got too much engagement:

Strangely, the problem doesn’t occur on Macs, where we were able to post without any issue. It’s all the more weird when you consider that we were able to post to personal or community pages without a hitch, so the problem seems to affect Business or Brand pages alone.

While it might seem like a minor inconvenience since most major brand social media managers would be using a tool like Hootsuite, it’s a major lapse on Facebook’s part, since it affects brands and businesses which rely on the platform for revenue. At the time of writing, we were still unable to use our Facebook page from a Windows PC to post new content.

Update: Some of our readers are reporting that posting is not working on Macs either.

Reader Jean Luc Houedanou sent us a screenshot of Safari and Chrome on macOS, where you can see the blank area where the post-creation box should be. Thanks, Jean Luc and Brett!