Here’s How Many Vision Pro Units Have Apple Sold in Pre-Orders: Kuo

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In Short
  • Apple sold about 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro units during the first pre-order weekend.
  • Kuo reports that concerns can arise as, unlike the usual trend with the iPhone, the Apple Vision Pro shipping time remained unchanged 48 hours after the pre-order opened.
  • Apple Vision Pro is slated for an official launch on February 2 in the US.

In a recent Medium post by renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Vision Pro, Apple’s latest product, saw an impressive start with an immediate sell-out during the first pre-order weekend. Kuo estimated sales between 160,000 and 180,000 units, attributing the success to the brand’s core fans and heavy users.

However, the report raises concerns as shipping times for all models extended to 5–7 weeks within hours of pre-orders opening but remained unchanged 48 hours later. This deviation from the usual pattern observed with iPhones, where shipping times steadily increase post-pre-order, indicates a potential challenge for Vision Pro in sustaining demand beyond the initial surge.

How to Pre-Order Apple Vision Pro

Kuo acknowledges that achieving a shipment volume of 500,000 units for the Apple Vision Pro this year should not be challenging. However, he also emphasizes the critical need to closely monitor demand in various markets and assess changes in demand through application updates. Kuo also says that while media reports indicate supply chain partners like Luxshare are working overtime to meet demand during the Lunar New Year, the reality is that there is room for improvement in Vision Pro production efficiency.

With a massive user base of over 1.2 billion active Apple users, Kuo notes that if only about 0.007% of users are willing to buy after pre-ordering, Vision Pro can sell out after opening for pre-order. Despite this, Kuo still labels Vision Pro as a very niche product.

We’ll have to wait till the official launch of the Apple Vision Pro to see how Apple handles the pre-order demand.

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