Should You Pull Clorinde in Genshin Impact 4.7

In Short
  • Clorinde is a very strong Electro main-DPS and she is also good for free-to-play players.
  • Her kit and elements make her very versatile as she can work with many different teams.
  • Healers can synergize well with Clorinde, giving her more Bond of Life through healing.

Clorinde is a very strong electro-DPS character and she will release in Genshin Impact 4.7. She continues the Bond of Life focused mechanic, similar to Arlecchino, and her kit appears to be very strong. However, there are many great DPS characters in the Genshin Impact, so players are questioning whether it is worth pulling for Clorinde. If you are unsure of whether to Pull for Clorinde or not, here is the complete guide on her strengths and weaknesses, alongside comparisons with other DPS units.

Genshin Impact Clorinde Kit

Clorinde Genshin Impact kit
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Clorinde’s kit revolves around Bond of Life, increasing her damage output based on the Bond of Life percentage. Her Skill lets her enter the Night Watch State, infusing her Normal Attacks with Electro and letting the Normal Attacks generate Bond of Life. It also changes her Skill into a lunging attack with various Bond of Life modifiers.

She can gain Bond of Life through her enhanced Normal Attacks, her Elemental Burst, and when she receives healing. Depending on the percentage of her Bond of Life, she has increased Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Damage dealt, and healing.

Clorinde vs Other DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

Clorinde Best Build Genshin Impact
Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Genshin Impact

Clorinde is going to be a very strong DPS character in Genshin Impact, probably one of the strongest if her kit doesn’t get nerfed before her release. Now, let’s see how she compares to other DPS units in the game.

  • Clorinde vs Arlecchino: Having both of these characters releasing very close to each other, with arguably a similar kit mechanic of Bond of Life, you will definitely want to know who is better. So far, Clorinde’s kit seems easier to play as her self healing appears more viable than Arlecchino. Other than that, Electro is such a strong element in the game, that it can easily do crazy damage output in the correct teams. So far, it appears as if Clorinde is going to be on the same level as Arlecchino, if not stronger.
  • Clorinde vs Raiden Shogun: Compared to Raiden Shogun, again both their numbers are very comparable. However, Raiden Shogun is a much more versatile character than Clorinde and can act as a sub-DPS, main DPS or Support in different teams, while Clorinde must be the main DPS to be of use.

Best Team Synergies for Clorinde

Clorinde-Nahida-Fischl-Kazuha Team
Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Genshin Impact (Edited by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Clorinde can work in many different teams, as Electro is such a versatile element. Her best teams appear to be Aggravate teams, however, you can also play her in Quickbloom teams, Electro-charged teams, and Overload teams. She is a versatile enough unit that you don’t need to worry much about her team composition when pulling for her.

However, remember that Clorinde can only play as a main DPS and not as a sub-DPS or support, like Raiden Shogun. So, only go for her if you want an Electro DPS in your roster.

Does Clorinde Need Her Signature Weapon?

Best Clorinde Weapon Genshin Impact
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Clorinde’s signature weapon looks very strong, giving her a big Crit Damage boost and Bond of Life increase. However, she is strong enough without her Signature weapon, although it can be a good choice if you really go for it.

Clorinde has some very good weapon options in the game, both free-to-play and other 5-star weapons. Also, having Bond of Life weapons won’t do you any bad, as the trend in Natlan will likely be around the Bond of Life mechanic.

Should You Pull for Clorinde?

Clorinde Genshin Impact
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Now that you have taken a look at everything Clorinde provides, let’s boil everything down to her strengths and weaknesses.

Clorinde’s Strengths:

  • Great consistent damage output.
  • Bond of Life is easier to manage on her.
  • Versatile with her team synergies.

Clorinde’s Weaknesses:

  • Cannot receive healing while having Bond of Life.
  • Has no Elementary Scaling.
  • Can only work as a Main DPS.

Overall, I think Clorinde is a great character to invest in your Primogems. Her kit is very strong and she is comparatively easy to play. Her Constellations are also strong if you want to go all in on her. Share your thoughts on Clorinde in the comment section and tell us if you are planning to pull for her in 4.7.

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