Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Championship Points, Calendar & More

As we close in on crowning the 2023 Valorant Champions, Riot revealed a VCT 2024 calendar. In this reveal the developer speaks about new changes in the Valorant Champions Tour in the 2024 season. Below, we have covered the new player trade system, tournament dates, and locations. We will also explain what is championship points in this article.

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Calendar

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Calendar

In 2024, the teams that have joined VCT-partnered teams for the International leagues and will join tier-1 teams are The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports. These teams will remain in the Valorant partnership for the next 2 years.

VCT 2024 Format

The three stages of the VCT 2024 will be International+Global, Tier-2/ Challengers, and Tier-3/ Grassroots/ Premier. In every International League stage, there will be a two-week tournament. The top 8 from this will advance to the Major or Global Tournaments like Masters Madrid or Masters Shanghai. Teams will qualify for Champions in a different way (explained later in the article).

VCT 2024 Schedule and Location

The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 starts with the Kick-Off International League in February 2024. The first Valorant Masters will happen in Madrid, Spain (March 2024). Within every Global event, there will be an international league Stage. The second Masters of 2024 will happen in Shanghai, China (May 2024).

The Valorant Champions 2023 started in August. The same way 2024 Champions Tournament is going to take place in August next year. Every Tier-2 (Challengers) match will be followed by playoffs (February-April/ May-August), and the Challengers Ascension tournament will be played after Champions (August-December). The Game Changers Championship will take place in November. After that, the VCT season will be over for 2024. The Ascensions determine new teams joining for the next VCT season.

Valorant Championship Points

VCT 2024 championship points

Riot’s new Championship points are similar to Dota 2 DPC points. Teams will gain points on their progression in every International and Global tournament they take part in. This system is mentioned as a ‘unifying mechanism’ by Valorant. After the end of International League 2, all points will be calculated and the top 16 teams will go to the Champions 2024. The Championship points are available only in Valorant Global and International events in the 2024 Champions tour. This system will work as a measurement for the teams and their consistency level that will determine their chances for the Champions Tournament.

VCT 2024 Affiliate Partnerships

Valorant Affiliate Partnerships 2024

The affiliate partnership is a new player trade rule made by the Riot’s VCT team for the 2024 season. In this partnership, any VCT-partnered team in Tier-1 (International Leagues) and Tier-2 (Challengers & Game Changers) can trade players or allow loans within their rosters. This will allow a lot of flexibility for such a long Valorant champions season.

China in Valorant Champions Tour 2024

The inclusion of China in the Valorant Champions tour is already in process. In 2023, China joined other regions in the Masters (Tokyo) and Champions (Los Angeles) tournaments and made a mark. The teams, players, and the audience showed a lot of potential to the Valorant community in China. With this, China will also host the second Masters of 2024 VCT in Shanghai. The South Asian country also will hold its own Chinese league. These leagues will possess equal prestige as the other regional leagues like EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. This will make the Chinese league the fourth official league in Valorant. With China launching in Valorant in its 1-year anniversary, it will be a great addition for the players in that region.

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