Upcoming DC Movies & TV Shows

In a video posted on Youtube by DC, James Gunn laid out an entire plan he has regarding the future of DC Universe (DCU). In the video, he is seen addressing the previously made mistakes by DC and states that he will be making an attempt to fix them. He plans to bring in new characters as well as a linear storyline that connects to every project DC undertakes. Gunn also claims that the new DC will stick to actors who play their superheroes by signing a 10-year contract with the actors who take up the roles.

He also announced a complete roadmap of upcoming DC movies and shows set in the new DC Universe which is going to be more comic-accurate and will cater to even those who are new to DC. So, sit back, and find out all about the upcoming DC projects as discussed by James Gunn!

Upcoming DC Movies

1. Superman Legacy(2024)

Superman Legacy will be the first major project under upcoming DC movies releasing under the banner of DCU. Planned to be released on July 11, 2025, this movie will not cover the origin of Superman but will explore the story of Clark Kent trying to figure out a balance between his human roots and Kryptonian origins. If we talk about who might be the villain of this movie, we can anticipate that we might get to see Lex Luthor as Supeman’s adversary in this movie. We can make this assumption based on the appearance of Lex Corp in the Blue Beetle trailer, Wait, you didn’t catch that? check out our article on Blue Beetle to know this and more.

The script of this movie is being written by James Gunn himself with an announced cast of David Corensweat as the new Superman and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane. The expectations from this movie are pretty high and now we will see if the new DCU will be able to rise up to what has been promised to fans or not.

2. The Authority (2026)

Another movie with a brand new take on superheroes will be The Authority and it will release in 2026. This movie will introduce us to a team of brand new superheroes who are essentially anti-heroes with no regard towards politics, or ethics and have no issues slaughtering their enemies. From their point of view, the world is broken and it’s their responsibility to fix it by any means necessary.

3. Batman: Brave and the Bold (TBA)

After Superman, how can James Gunn leave out the most loved DC hero of all time? Batman: Brave and the Bold will draw inspiration from the comic series of the same title. This movie will revolve around Batman and his son, Damian Wayne as Robin, and is going to be a “Father-Son movie”. The upcoming DCU movie will also include other members of the Bat-family. With that being said, we can certainly expect Blue Beetle’s second appearance in this movie.

Since these movies are set outside DCEU, Ben Affleck will reportedly, no longer be playing Batman and a new actor will be cast for the iconic role. We don’t know yet who will be playing Batman but we will keep you updated!

4. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (TBA)

Making her debut in 2023’s The Flash, Supergirl won the hearts of DC fans and made a mark for herself among other most powerful DC superheroes. We don’t know when exactly, but Supergirl is indeed getting her own solo movie. This movie will be based on Tom King’s comic-book run with the same name. It will revolve around Supergirl who was raised on a chunk of Krypton that has been destroyed and since she saw a lot of death even as a child, according to James Gunn, her character is going to be much more jaded as compared to Superman’s.

5. Swamp Thing (TBA)

The final upcoming DC movie in the first installment of DCU is going to be Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing is essentially a monster who has the ability to control any kind of plant life and make it bend to his will. We don’t know a lot about the upcoming movie but what we do know is this movie is going to be a very dark horror story portraying the origin of the monster and will be a standalone movie.

Upcoming DC TV Shows

1. Creature Commandoes (2024)

Creature Commandoes will be the first animated project to come out of the revamped DCU and will be based on a 1980 comic series called Weild Wars, featuring the Creature Commandoes. In the comic, Creature Commandoes were based during the World War 2 era and were a team of a Human Leader, a Gorgon, a Werewolf, a Frankinstein’s Monster, and a Vampire. James Gunn has also made the confirmation that the actors who will play the voices of the animated characters will also be acting in the character’s live-action roles.

2. Waller (2025)

Waller is going to be the first live-action TV series to come out of DCU and will revolve around her joining forces with Peacemaker and his team. We do not know a lot about the upcoming show but as already said, this project is going to bring back Peacemaker, a highly loved character back to our screens.

3. Lanterns (2024)

After a long time, Green Lantern is coming back in a live-action role with this upcoming DC series. As far as we know, this series will explore the stories of Lantern Hal Jordan and John Stuart and a few other Lanterns. This series will be a detective-like show where Hal and John will take care of a huge threat on Earth while uncovering a big mystery that will then connect to the wider DCU.

4. Paradise Lost (TBA)

Paradise Lost will revolve around Wonder Woman and Paradise Island, a synonym of Themyscera, Wonder Woman’s birthplace. Very little information is available to us about the upcoming DC series but according to James Gunn, Paradise Lost is going to be a Game of Thrones-like series with characters from the Wonder Woman franchise.

5. Booster Gold (TBA)

Booster Gold will introduce a superhero who is essentially a time traveler, was a loser in his time, and worked as a night guard at a museum in his time. He used highly advanced tech of that time and used it to go back to the 21st century when the world was full of superheroes. He took up the name of Booster Gold and using the tech that was beyond anyone’s understanding became a superhero.

DCU Movies & TV Show Schedule

TitlePlatformRelease Date/Year
Creature CommandoesAnimated2024
WallerLive Action/ TV shows2025
Superman LegacyMovieJuly 11, 2025
LanternsLive Action/ TV Show (HBO)2024
The AuthorityMovie2026
Paradise LostLive Action/ TV SeriesTBA
Batman: Brave and the BoldMovieTBA
Booster GoldLive Action/ TV showTBA
Supergirl: Woman of TomorrowMovieTBA
Swamp ThingMovieTBA

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