Joker 2 Cast: All Reappearing and New Characters

This October, the Clown Prince of Crime is making a comeback to the big screen with Joker 2. This movie will be the direct continuation of the first Joker movie that came out in 2019 with some of the cast members returning in their roles. However, some new faces are joining the cast of Joker: Folie a Deux and in this article find out all you need to know about all cast and characters in Joker 2.

1. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix
Image Courtesy: IMDb

It is pretty obvious that Joker 2 cannot happen without Joaquin Phoenix reprising his role as Arthur Fleck. However, back in 2019, we saw him gradually lose his mind and now, it seems that in Joker 2, Arthur is gone and only Joker remains. In the trailer for Joker 2, we got to see Arthur being held captive in Arkham Asylum and it suggests that a large chunk of this movie is going to take place in the mental institution. However, speculating anything at this point is not advisable so let’s wait and see what is waiting for us in the theaters!

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
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The most talked about cast for Joker 2 is Lady Gaga playing the role of Harley Quinn. In all honesty, I never imagined she could play such a role but now since it is happening, I am quite intrigued to watch where this goes. It has already been confirmed that Joker 2 is going to be a partial musical where we will get to see the cover versions of some pretty cool old-school songs. Considering that, the casting of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker 2 makes sense. So, let’s wait and see where this goes

3. Zazie Beetz

Joker 2 Cast(Zazie Beetz)
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One of the actors who will carry forward their roles from 2019 Joker to Joker 2 is Zazie Beetz in the role of Sophie Drummond. In the first Joker movie, there were some romantic elements between Arthur and her. However, later on, it was revealed that the budding romance between the two was all in Arthur’s head and Sophie was nothing more than just his neighbor. It was not revealed in the first movie if Arthur had killed her but since she is a part of the cast, she is up and alive in Joker 2.

4. Steve Coogan

Joker 2 Cast (Steve Coogan)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Now we don’t know a lot about Steve Coogan’s role in Joker 2 but the trailer for this movie suggests that he will be playing the role of a psychiatrist who is assigned to Arthur for the assessment of his mental health. Now the interesting thing here is that during Joker’s time in Arkham, the psychiatrist assigned to him was Harleen Quinzel who fell in love with him and became Harley Quinn. This new cast as Arthur’s doctor makes me believe even more strongly that they have twisted the origin of Harley Quinn in this movie.

Well, if this turns out to be true, I hope they did a really good job at creating a new origin because being a comic-book geek myself, we don’t like filmmakers messing up the origin stories of our favorite characters.

Other Cast Members of Joker 2

Except for the above-given cast members, there are some other members whose characters in Joker Folie a Deux have not yet been revealed. More precisely, there are three actors whose characters have not yet been revealed namely,  Jacob Lofland, Catherine Keener, and Brendan Gleeson. Since there is no information about their characters all we can do is wait for another trailer for Joker 2 in hopes of seeing one of them on screen. However, I kind of like the suspense of it which makes our wait for October 4, 2024 even more exciting.

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