Will Batman Be in Joker 2? Answered

Throughout time the enmity between Batman and Joker has seen multiple variations brought to the screen by several remarkable actors. However, with the new Joker brought to us by Joaquin Phoenix under the director of Todd Phillips, there is no sign of the Caped Crusader. This may stay that way for a while but I don’t think they will be able to avoid Batman for a very long time because a tale revolving around the Joker is incomplete without Batman. So, will Batman be in Joker 2? Let’s figure that out.

Why Is It Difficult to Get Batman in Joker 2

Why is it Difficult to Get Batman in Joker 2
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The setting of the first Joker movie was based in 1981 where we witnessed Arthur Fleck gradually lose his mind because of how the world treated him. In a scene from this movie, we see Arthur interacting with a young Bruce Wayne when he meets Thomas Wayne, whom Arthur thinks to be his father.

The problem is that Bruce is too young which automatically cancels out the possibility of Batman appearing in Joker 2. By the end of Joker (2019), we see the riots where Bruce’s parents get killed so there is a significant amount of time left for Bruce to be Batman. Other than that, if they get Robert Pattinson’s Batman to appear in the movie, it would turn out to be a huge pothole since his story takes place after a hue gap of time creating a dent in DC’s reputation all over again.

Here’s Why Batman’s Appearance in Joker 2 Makes Sense

Even though it’s difficult to get Batman in this movie, the updates we have received regarding the characters who will appear in Joker 2 make it even more necessary for Batman or at least Bruce Wayne’s appearance. First off, in the comic-accurate version of Joker, he meets Harley after a significant time of encountering Batman so, bringing in Harley Quinn before Batman is already a bit of a stretch.

Some pictures from a protest scene in Joker 2 set photos hint that Harvey Dent might appear in the movie. Now the thing to note here is that before he became Two-Face, Harvey Dent was a fast friend of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. bringing in Harvey without Bruce Wayne being introduced is a big bet making it even more necessary to fill in that major hole in the plot of this movie.

How Can They Make It Happen?

Is Batman in Joker 2
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Now that we have talked about the problems, let’s move toward their solution which is quite simple if you think about it. The biggest advantage Todd Phillips has with a character like Joker is his instability and his unreliability as a narrator. The biggest example of this was the budding romance we saw between Arthur and his neighbor Sophie played by Zazie Beetz which turned out to be happening in Arthur’s head and not in real life.

The possible direction Todd Phillips can take to bring in Batman in Joker 2 is to enforce the fact that Joker’s description of Bruce as a young boy was nothing more than a fragment of his imagination. This would create a perfect setup to introduce Batman in the movie. However, at this point, there is no confirmation of Batman appearing in Joker 2 but let’s wait and see if his appearance has been kept a surprise for us, or is planned for sometime later.

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