As part of a corporate re-branding expected to roll-out fully over the next few months, Uber has unveiled all-new logos for both its primary ride-sharing app, as well as its food-delivery service, Uber Eats. The company also changed its mission statement from “Make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone” to “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion”.

In a press statement, Uber said that the change was implemented to help the brand stand out from its competitors. According to the company, the “new, simplified logo for the Uber app … brings back the U, is easily recognizable and is scalable across the 660 plus cities we serve”. The company further said that the new logo will help make the brand stand out and be more conspicuous, something that the previous logo was apparently struggling to do.

As we expand our reach into our other markets and modalities, it’s super important that it’s very clear that when you’re getting into an Uber car or on an Uber scooter, you know that is an Uber product. We weren’t achieving that with our current system

The re-branding exercise is Uber’s second major brand overhaul in just over two years, and comes just days after the company hired former Coca-Cola executive, Rebecca Messina, as its first-ever chief marketing officer.

As can be seen from the GIF above, the new logo ditches the all-caps branding and the so-called ‘bits and atoms’ look for a simple wordmark that reads ‘Uber’ with a capital U. The shortened version of its will return to the ‘U’ for a cleaner, simplified imagery. Uber Eats, the company’s food delivery service, is also getting a new and refreshed look as part of the new redesign.

With the new logo, Uber has joined the likes of Apple, Google and Netflix to use an all-new custom typeface for its logo. Called ‘Uber Move’, it is said to have been inspired by sans serif fonts used for transportation signage around the world. The company had been using the Clan Pro font for its current logo.