Uber Will Now Show Drivers the Destination Details for an Improved Experience

Uber India Increases Cab Fares in Delhi

If you often use a cab in India, the chances of a driver canceling on you would be a lot. While Uber admits this behavior, it aims to sort this out. For this, the ride-hailing platform has introduced some steps that can help enhance the Uber experience for both the riders and the drivers.

Uber Wants to Ensure a Driver Doesn’t Cancel on You!

Uber has revealed that it will now start showing the destination details to a driver before the ride is accepted. This will allow the drivers to make an informed decision and can further curb the issue of rides being canceled by them. It is said that drivers who will meet the “predefined trip acceptance threshold” will be able to get access to this functionality.

This is already live in 20 cities and is expected to reach more in India. For those who don’t know, this step was previously taken by Ola to curb the rising cases of canceled rides in India.

Much like Ola, Uber drivers will also get the flexibility in terms of the mode of payment. Drivers will now be able to see the mode of payment (cash or online) before the ride starts. This will again help them choose the rides they want to take and this is likely to reduce the cancelation rate. Uber has also introduced a daily pay process for drivers so that they can get payments the very next day.

Another step, which we have already reported, is the increase in the fare, owing to the increase in fuel prices in India. This has resulted in a price hike of up to 15%.

Uber will also provide drivers with a chance of earning more money for taking long-distance rides. This way, more rides of this sort will be accepted, thus, benefiting the drivers and riders alike.

Additionally, Uber wants to ensure that users should get “service quality essentials” like AC rides and if drivers are failing to provide the same, they will be charged with penalties and restricted app access. So, what do you think about these steps Uber has initiated to make the user and driver experience better? Do you think this will solve things for both parties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • M raza says:

    Destination information should be clear for driver as well in user eat

  • Samuel says:

    This should also be available in Kenya. Make the drivers rate more realistic because this will motivate us drivers. The increase in fuel prices should be go well with increased earnings to the driver.

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