Twitter Might Soon Add a “Undo Send” Timer Button for Tweets

twitter undo send tweet button coming soon

Twitter is planning to introduce many new features, such as Audio spaces, Super Follows, and Safety mode. However, one feature that users have been requesting for the longest time is the ability to edit tweets. The company has confirmed on multiple occasions that an edit button will never be a reality. But now, it seems like Twitter is working to introduce a similar feature but in a different form.

Reputable app reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) recently shared a tweet showcasing a new “Undo Send” feature that Twitter is developing. She included a GIF in her tweet, which shows a new timer-based undo button for sent tweets. You can check it out right here.

So, as you can see, the new undo button appears after the user shares a tweet. It appears along with the notification banner that generally pops up whenever you send a tweet to the micro-blogging platform. There is also a timer-based bar on the button that depletes in a few seconds. We are currently unaware of the exact time duration you will have to correct your erroneous tweet.

It is not the edit feature that Twitter users were looking for, but it is close. The “Undo Send” button, I think, will not let users edit their tweets, per se. It will, however, allow you to retract sent tweets (if you spot a typo or have missed out on adding a link) before anyone sees them. It is more like the timer-focused cancel order buttons found in food ordering apps like Swiggy. A nifty addition to this dialog box will, however, be the sent tweet. You will then be able to give the tweet a quick read before the timer expires.

Now, it is not like the edit features that Facebook and Instagram offer for posts, but it is quite close. And considering Twitter’s adamant about not add an edit button, the “Undo Send” button is a positive step for the platform.

Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter/Jane Manchun Wong

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