Twitter Is Being Rebranded, Confirms Elon Musk

Twitter rebranding to X as part of Elon Musk shakedown

With Elon Musk taking over Twitter back in 2022, the journey so far had been nothing less of “turbulent,” to put it lightly. The microblogging site has been bombarded with waves of transition, in the form of mass layoffs, making the verification checkmark and the 2FA via SMS authentication mode paid, and much more. And, now looks like Twitter’s core existence is about to enter a new realm. Keep reading to know more.

Elon Musk Officially Announces Twitter Rebranding

In an official tweet, Elon Musk announced the rebranding of Twitter to “X” via a short teaser video. With this, the all too recognizable Twitter bird logo will cease to exist. This will be the most extensive overhaul on Twitter in the last 17 years. And by the end of the day, Musk has confirmed that this rebranding will be all to solidified. With this rebranding, your “tweets” will be just called “X” and Elon will let go of his “Chief Twit” title as well. As of now, if you visit, you will be redirected to Twitter.

To give you some context, just a few weeks back, Elon Musk announced the creation of his own AI venture, xAI. Also, if you can recall, was the official domain for PayPal back when Elon Musk was still at the helm of it. He brought the domain back in 2017 and now it seems like he is finally putting that purchase to some use. With this rebranding, Elon is looking to bring his multitude of ventures under one umbrella, which is, X.

We are yet to see how Twitter changes as a platform with this new rebranding. However, one thing is clear. Elon Musk is doubling down on his promise of creating a newfound identity out of his Twitter acquisition, which may or may not shape up well.

On one end, this rebranding might just make Twitter what we all have craved from the microblogging site for so long. On the other end, this rebranding can prove disastrous. Changing the whole long-standing identity might attract user backlash. However, the way Musk approaches this will prove the potential and possible existence of the organization moving forward.

So, what do you think of this move from Musk? Do you think this is a smart way to approach Twitter? How do you think this rebranding will affect your interaction with the platform? Do comment down your thoughts below.

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