Twitter (aka X) Down Currently; Tweets Not Loading (Update: Back Online)

Twitter Down
In Short
  • Twitter is not working for several users worldwide due to an outage.
  • Down Detector shows that 80,000 people have reported that Twitter is down.
  • Around 80,000 people have reported on Down Detector that Tweets are not loading for them.

If you are trying to frantically refresh Twitter right now but facing a failure, you’re not alone. Twitter aka X is currently facing an outage and many people are not able to see tweets on their feed. As per Down Detector, Twitter is down worldwide and several users have reported the outage.

Twitter Down Report on Down Detector

Upon visiting or opening the X app, users are greeted with a “Welcome to X!” message with a Let’s Go button. Clicking on the Home button has been rendered useless as the Twitter timeline is failing to load.

Going by the reports on Down Detector, Twitter has been down since 12:30 AM EST and around 80,000 people have submitted the report.

Twitter is now back online and working normally for everyone around the globe. If you are facing errors or tweets are not loading for you, Twitter outage is not the culprit behind it.

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