TruthGPT: Elon Musk Announces ChatGPT Competitor

Elon Musk TruthGPT

Since its launch, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has practically catapulted across the global AI landscape. The AI chatbot is capable of almost anything imaginable and is even better due to the new GPT-4 language model. However, it is not free from competition from other companies. Most notably, Ex-OpenAI founder Elon Musk has stated that he is working on a brand new ChatGPT alternative — TruthGPT. Let’s check out the details here.

TruthGPT: The AI Solution to Solve Bias

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk stated that he is considering creating a brand-new ChatGPT alternative. Calling it TruthGPT, Musk claims that the new AI creation will ‘hopefully do more good than harm.’

Elon mentions that TruthGPT will be a “maximum truth-seeking AI that will try to understand the nature of the universe.” Elon hopes that an AI that understands the universe will realize the role of humans in it and as such won’t annihilate humans.

Musk’s decision stems from his understanding that the current AI market is unsafe and heavily controlled. According to Musk, OpenAI is a close-sourced company with Microsoft having a big say in it if not total control.

“The intention with OpenAI was obviously to do good but it’s not clear whether it’s actually doing good or [not], I can’t tell at this point.” 

– Elon Musk

Musk also mentions that OpenAI’s chatbot is being trained to be “politically correct,” which is not how it should be. He also brings to light his general fear of AI and he doesn’t know if it’s going in the right direction.

TruthGPT Is Still Just a Concept

However, the general gist of Elon’s quotes on TruthGPT indicates that the ChatGPT alternative might not exist at all and is just a concept for now. However, as time passes and the AI race increases, this just might change. However, knowing Elon, TruthGPT will soon become the truth anyway.

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