Trial Key Will Open “The Vault” in Minecraft 1.21’s Trial Chambers

Vault block and the trial key in trial chambers
In Short
  • The trial key is an item you can get by completing trial spawner challenges in trial chambers.
  • The trial key, as revealed by Mojang, is used to unlock the newly added vault blocks in Minecraft 1.21.
  • When unlocked, the vault will reward the player with high-tier loot. Every player can unlock it to get rewards, but only once.

Today, we are not talking about a new Java snapshot or a new Bedrock Preview because we already got one earlier this week. Instead, we are taking a look at the new Minecraft Monthly video that has revealed some important Minecraft 1.21 information. In today’s episode, Mojang finally revealed the function of the trial key item we’ve known about for a while, and it’s different than what most people speculated. So with that, let’s check out what the trial key unlocks in Minecraft 1.21.

What is ‘The Vault’ in Minecraft 1.21?

The trial key is an item you can get by completing trial spawner challenges or destroying decorated pots. The use wasn’t announced initially and many though the key opened some kind of a door. But, it’s now been confirmed that what the trial key opens is a new block. Yes, that’s right, trial keys open the vault block in Minecraft 1.21.

Unlocked vault block in Minecraft 1.21
Image Courtesy: Minecraft/YouTube

Vault is a block with a texture similar to the trial spawner due to the colors and flame particles inside. It has a face-like feature on the front side, which opens the “mouth” when it’s unlocked. How do you unlock it? Well, with the trial key, of course, presumably by right-clicking.

What Do You Get from the Vault?

Once you right-click on the vault, the block will eject rewards, such as armor, tools, and horse armor onto itself.

The vault is a specially created loot block that focuses on rewarding every player that unlocks it, not just the first one. Yes, that’s right, every player with a key can unlock the vault and get rewards. This means you don’t have to worry about not getting anything after your friends loot all the chests in a structure.

But if you think you’ll be able to farm the vault block every X amount of time, then you’re wrong, my friend. The vault will reward each of the players only once.

Vault block ejecting rewards
Image Courtesy: Minecraft/YouTube

This exciting new block will generate inside trial chambers, so you can expect them to be guarded by several trial spawners and the new hostile mob, Breeze. Because of that, check out our guide on how to defeat the Breeze, as it’ll come in handy to get these rewards.

The vault is coming to the game very soon, possibly with the new snapshot or preview, so keep your eyes peeled. How excited are you about the trial key and the vault in Minecraft 1.21? Did you have a different vision for this little item? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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