Minecraft Snapshot 24W04A Makes Armadillo Tougher, Breeze More Dangerous

Player punching an armadillo in Minecraft Snapshot 24w04a
In Short
  • Armadillo now rolls up when it detects a mob or player that attacked it recently.
  • Thanks to community feedback, Minecraft snapshot 24W04A makes armadillo's shell absorb damage while it's rolled up.
  • The Breeze no longer targets mobs in the Trial Chambers, but it does attack any nearby iron golems.

Another Wednesday has come and with it arrives another Minecraft snapshot. This one affects the cute armadillo in Minecraft 1.21, as well as our favorite hostile mob Breeze. So, if you are excited to learn about the changes, let’s explore Minecraft snapshot 24W04A together in this post!

Armadillo Changes

Thanks to persistent community feedback and suggestions that the armadillo needs to have some kind of armor while it’s rolled up, Mojang has listened and delivered perfectly. From now on, when the armadillo mob is rolled up, its shell will protect it by reducing the incoming damage. In the case of weak attacks, like a regular punch, the armadillo will fully absorb the damage.

This may surprisingly lead to players inventing minigames that include punching armadillos. Even though that does sound horrible, remember that this cutie won’t take any damage in the process in Minecraft 1.21.

Player punching an armadillo and it doesn't take any damage in Minecraft snapshot 24w04a

Furthermore, the armadillo now also comes with a memory system of sorts, which is responsible for remembering the most recent attacker. So, if you hurt an armadillo and just walked up to it slowly, it will still roll up.

Breeze Upgrades

The new Minecraft 1.21 hostile mob, Breeze, has gotten even better in snapshot 24W04A. This mob is now aggressive toward iron golems in addition to players. So, defeating a Breeze will be just a bit more challenging now, even though iron golems can pretty much two or three-shot the mob.

But opposite to that, Breeze will no longer try to attack other Minecraft mobs in the Trial Chambers, such as skeletons, strays, zombies, husks, spiders, cave spiders, and slimes. These mobs also won’t attack the Breeze, so you can’t rely on that strat anymore.

Breeze attacking an iron golem

Finally, when creating a new world, you’ll be able to toggle on “Allow Commands” now instead of the “Allow Cheats” option in the past.

Just like that, you now know of all the important changes and additions introduced in the 24W04A snapshot. For the complete patch notes, you can head to Minecraft’s website. So, what do you think? Are you still waiting for more variations of the wolf armor or perhaps the Breeze’s drop? Share your guesses on what will come in the next snapshot in the comments below!

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