Tinder Testing ‘Picks’ to Recommend Profiles Based on Your Interests

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Tinder wants to make it easier for you to find the right soul mate (or that one night stand) and is currently testing ‘Picks’. Tinder Picks as the name suggests will show you a list of the most ‘swipe-worthy’ individuals recommended on parameters such as occupation, interests, hobbies and other personal characteristics. It’s basically Tinder’s way of saying we did the hard work already so stop swiping left on these.

Tinder will shortlist profiles for Picks suggestions based on the personal information shared by users, such as their profession, areas of interest and other details. It also takes into account past swiping behavior to curate a list of the daily Picks.

Tinder Testing ‘Picks’ to Recommend Profiles Based on Your Interests

“With Picks, we’re offering users a new way to discover the most interesting people on Tinder. Picks delivers a personalized, premium user experience within Tinder Gold that puts a spotlight on unique characteristics that make our users stand out”, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, Brian Norgard was quoted as saying by TechCrunch.

Picks is only available to Tinder Gold members; tap the diamond toggle at the top of the discovery page to see the most suitable matches. The Picks list will be refreshed every day, with a new set of profiles.

And if you still can’t find that perfect match in their daily Picks list, you can buy more recommendation lists (of course) to continue your search. As of now, Picks is only available on iOS and different versions of the feature are being tested in Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, France, Turkey, Germany, Brazil and the UK. However, there is no word on when the feature will make it out of the testing phase and roll out globally.

VIA TechCrunch
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