The Story of A Web Designer’s Life in 15 GIFs

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In this post, I am going to share the story of a web designer’s life in the most hilarious way possible. So, just sit back and enjoy because this is going to be a laughter riot.

Let’s just begin.

1. When a client offers you a challenging web design project.

2. When a client asks you to make the website compatible with IE 6.

3. When a newly hired intern suggests you to add a new feature in client’s website.

4. When you apply a CSS to a website for the very first time.

5. Well, this.

6. When project manager caught you procrastinating at work.

7. When you find a solution without even Googling.

8. When Photoshop crashes AGAIN.

9. When you suddenly wake up at night, after remembering deadline of the project.

10. When it comes to final testing, there’s a never ending list of devices.

11. When you find out that website’s not working properly in IE.

12. When you show the final design to your client, here’s how he reacts.

13. And here’s how you react

14. After all the revisions, when your project is accepted by client.

15. Finally, when you get paid.

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So, that was it. I hope you enjoyed the post, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. If you think I have missed out something important (and hilarious), do let me know via comments below the post.

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