The science of Pornography addiction 1

The Science of Pornography Addiction [Video]

The science of Pornography addiction

Before getting to the science, I’d like to share some quick facts about Internet pornography which shows how big and how much serious this problem is.
  • 12% of the total websites on the Internet or nearly 25 million websites are porn sites.
  • Porn makes up 30% of the data transferred over the internet.
  • In the US, a new porn video is produced every 39 minutes.
  • Every second an estimated 30,000 people are watching porn.
On the other hand there are people on the Internet who are trying to quit Pornography addiction, Here’s an example of one such Internet group,
  • There is a community of 47,891 people on Reddit with the name Fapstronauts. Every member of this community has taken pledge to give up Internet porn for 90 days.

Apart from the facts there is a well researched TEDx talk by Gary Wilson, which is used as a reference in this video.

It is only after watching this video and the TEDx talk, I came to know about the seriousness of pornography addiction on the Internet and then only i decided to write a post about this matter, so that everyone gets to know about the consequences of Internet pornography addiction.

Here’s the Video about the Science of Pornography Addiction,

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