The Finals: 10 Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Win

The Finals has captured a sizeable player base since its launch in early December, with an average of 75,000 active players. However, like any new game, it comes with its own set of rules, mechanics, and nuances that you will need to learn. And while it would normally take a long time, we have done the heavy lifting for you. To help you achieve victory in The Finals, we’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks you should utilize to wipe out the competition. On that note, let’s begin.

1. Ensure You Turn on Team Colors

Turn on Enemy Team Colors best The Finals tips

In any game that involves a lot of players, it is easy to get confused between friend and foe. But, The Finals has implemented team colors to combat this problem. Easily one of the best features in the game, these colors help the player focus on one team and eliminate confusion.

Once on, enemy players automatically have a silhouette around them, making it easier to identify and eliminate them. For instance – if an opponent has a purple team color, their silhouette will look purple, and so on. To turn on team colors in The Finals, head to Settings -> Gameplay and toggle on enemy team colors.

2. Always Have a Reserve Loadout

The equipment loadout screen where you edit your reserve loadout in The Finals

The Finals has an excellent arsenal of weapons that gamers can use to battle it out. However, the game also comes with a reserve loadout. For new players, the reserve loadout is an alternate set of weapons and equipment you can bring to The Finals arena.

Having a properly planned reserve loadout helps when you want to change based on the situation when you die. Thankfully, you can build a custom reserve loadout easily. So the next time, you find yourself in a change of weapons, rely on this loadout for the same.

3. Use Items Around to Your Advantage

In the game, you’ll find gas canisters, exploding canisters, and fire barrels scattered all around the map. You’ll even find goo canisters that you can use to your advantage. These environmental items have been placed to even the odds and even annoy the enemies if need be. As such, there are endless possibilities of how you handle them.

Throw environmental items to gain advantage ten best tips for The Finals

For example, a popular method called “Nuke” has popped up. It involves sticking a breach charge or C4 on explosive/ gas canister and throwing it at opponents. Once it collides, immediately trigger the charge to create a bigger explosion. So, the next time you see items around the map, don’t feel shy about picking up environmental items and experimenting with them.

4. Destroy the Traversal Systems In-Game

Destroying the traversals in game best tips for The Finals

The Finals gives players various ways to traverse and run around the entire map. This includes ziplines between two buildings, bridges, ladders, vents, and more. And, like every other item in-game, you can destroy them.

You can do this to slow down your opponents and hinder their own parkour journey. Hence, the next time you see those stray ladders and ziplines, blow them to kingdom come.

5. Don’t Forget About the Goo

Throw the goo to create a barrier

The Goo is arguably one of the most useful items in-game that you can use. You’ll find it either inside pink containers or as a dedicated gadget in your inventory. Additionally, our own heavy class build guide suggests using this specialization, which allows them to carry a goo gun and create a makeshift platform for you and your team.

Additionally, goo helps create temporary cover from incoming attacks, as it can withstand bullets for prolonged periods. Hence, if you are playing some matches, always keep one of the goo grenades in your reserve loadout.

Use fire to remove Goo

On the flip side, there are also ways to counter goo. If you are in a situation where the enemy team uses the goo gadget frequently, you have the perfect counter in the form of fire. Throw a handy pyro grenade or a pyro canister at it. The fire immediately obliterates it, thereby, clearing the way.

6. Teamwork and Communication Are Key

While this tip can work practically for any team-based shooter out there, this applies heavily to The Finals. This game is different as it heavily relies on team synergy.

Teamwork the finals

Heavy and Light builds rely on Medium’s quick respawn ability, lights and mediums rely on heavy’s tank abilities, and so on. Hence, communication and working with the team will help you hopefully win a match. Don’t run for solo kills. Rather, work together for the win.

7. Focus on Respawning Your Team

Another big thing you should focus on in The Finals, and probably one of the best tips we can give, is ensuring your team survives. Unlike other competitive FPS, where you can respawn quickly, the game has a unique respawn system, which divides it into two parts: Individual and Team respawns.

Individual respawn takes thirty seconds for you to jump back into the match. However, this timer resets to another thirty seconds if the whole team gets wiped in that timeframe.

Reviving teammate the finals

Hence, let’s say you are down to four seconds till you can respawn, but your team gets wiped. This effectively keeps you out of the game for almost a full minute. And any Finals player will tell you that time is of the essence. As such, plan and pick your fights smartly. The respawn system is much more brutal in competitive games, where respawns become limited and credit-based.

Hence, it’s a good habit to get used to how the respawn works. Always move the player’s respawn token and revive them before an enemy takes you out. If you are running a medium build, use the defibrillator for instant revives.

The point is to ensure survival, picking your fights smartly and respawning your dead teammates when you see a window.

8. Pick Your Battles Smartly

This is a great follow-up to our previous point; it’s a wise idea to choose your fights smartly. This heavily applies to the game. You aren’t exclusively trying to rake in kills in The Finals. Rather, you are there to ensure your team holds the objective without dying and wins. Hence, know how to pick your battles. If you get overwhelmed by the opponents, it’s better to evade to live another day.

9. Play Around with Traps

Traps are the lifeblood of this game. They help steer the gameplay to favorable situations and ensure you get the winning edge against an opponent team. They also elevate the game’s urgent nature and chaos. Hence, we recommend you find a smart way to use them.

Placing a trap the finals

For instance – place multiple breach charges at various floors to take them out when someone tries to steal the cashout from your team. Similarly, use gas mines, turrets, and exploding mines around the terrain strategically to catch them off-guard. Experiment and see what works, as anything and everything will work. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a perfect strategy.

10. Experiment with Character Compositions

The final tip we leave you with is to try out some popular character builds and comps for the team. Communicate, decide on your tools, and go for the wins. Some of the widely popular ones include:

  • Bringing a heavy mesh shield and two mediums with a healing beam. This allows your team to become a formidable tank, taking out enemies.
  • Each class joins the team, with medium taking heal-based loadout, heavy taking shields, and light taking invisibility (there are counters to light invisibility in The Finals though).

There are some well-rounded comps that you can mix and match in the game. However, we would suggest visiting various Discord servers and community forums to get new ideas. Once done, you will able to tinker with the best light, medium, and heavy builds in The Finals.

These were some of the best tips you can use to win all the matches in The Finals. However, even besides these, always keep your wits about you to land on top. Do you have some tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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