How to Fix the TFMR0004 Error in The Finals

In Short
  • The "TFMR0004" error in The Finals is a known issue that disables matchmaking and wipes account stats temporarily.
  • To fix the TFMR0004 error, quit the game and wait for 20-30 minutes, then restart the game to start paying again.
  • We also suggest verifying the integrity of game files if you are on Steam or reinstalling the game to get rid of the error.

Ever since Embark Studios released The Finals last month, bugs and errors do not intend to leave sight. The “TFMR0004” error is the latest one affecting players, who have taken to Reddit and the Steam community to share their experience. But what is the “TFMR0004” error in The Finals and how can you fix it? That’s exactly what we have answered in this guide.

What Causes the TFMR0004 Error in The Finals

According to some Reddit users, they encountered this error after a game end screen. This error left them locked out of matchmaking, not being able to join any game. So, as per their Reddit post, they decided to close the game and restart it. It ended with them having their account reset. Yes, all their states were reset; the user lost all their progress so far and the characters were once again locked in The Finals.

Similarly, in the Steam community discussions, players further shared their experiences with this error and claimed this is a bug that wipes your game data and progress from the local game files. As the Steam community is already vocal about the hacking and cheater allegations, this was meant to make the highlights too.

However, as some people have gotten rid of the TFMR0004 error in The Finals, we possibly know the best ways to fix this issue. Let’s look at them below:

How to Fix the TFMR0004 error in The Finals

1. Restart the Game

One of the most common and easy ways to fix the ‘TFMR0004’ error is restarting The Finals. If you encounter this error, quit the game, wait for 20-30 minutes, and start the game again. This will let the game’s servers catch up again and load your stats back.

If the game still shows the error, repeat this process one or two more times. It seems to be working for some players.

2. Verify Integrity of Game Files

As the error is primarily focused on stats reset and progress deletion, verifying the integrity of the game files might help. So, in case restarting the game a couple of times did not work out, try these steps:

  • First, locate The Finals in your Steam library and right-click on the game.
  • Now, select Properties and go to the Installed Files section in the left sidebar.
  • Finally, click the Verify integrity of the game files button in the right pane.

3. Additional Things to Try

In case restarting the game and the file integrity check did not fix the error, we suggest reinstalling the game. So, even if you are encountering the error in Xbox or PS5, and the game restart method does not work out, try reinstalling the game. This might clear any existing errors including the “TFMR0004” error from the game.

Moreover, contact Embark Studios’ official support if the problem persists even after you’ve tried all the methods above. As a temporary error that is exclusive to some players, developers might fix it in a hotfix or patch. We will update you if a hotfix is rolled out, so bookmark this page for more info.

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