The Boys Season 4: Who Is Firecracker and What are Her Powers

In Short
  • Firecracker is the newest member of The Seven in The Boys Season 4.
  • She is an alt-right-wing YouTuber and conspiracy theorist who has been brought into The Seven as an asset for Homelander to reshape America.
  • Firecracker is played by Valorie Curry in The Boys Season 4.

The Boys Season 4 is up and running and has brought back some of the most beloved characters from the franchise to us. However, along with these familiar faces, some new characters have also found their way to our screens. The newest additions to The Seven, Sister Sage, and Firecracker have become an integral part of the show but recently, Firecracker has taken up the forefront. But, who Firecracker is in The Boys Season 4 and what are her powers?

Firecracker Is a Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist

Firecracker is A Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist
Image Courtesy: Amazon MGM Studios

The criteria for being a member of The Seven were heavily twisted to bring in Firecracker. Firecracker does not have any remarkable powers but is just a right-wing conspiracy theorist who spreads propaganda and absurd conspiracy theories. The majority of this propaganda and theories are pointed toward Starlight who is hated deeply by Firecracker.

If we talk about her powers, she does not have remarkable powers but can just produce sparks from her fingers. Other than that it seems that she relies completely on firearms. She was brought into The Seven by Sister Sage and Homelander since Sage thinks that she could be a massive asset in their plan to reshape America.

Who Is the Firecracker Actress in The Boys

Who is The Firecracker Actress?
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Firecracker is played by Valorie Curry in The Boys Season 4. She has previously been seen in shows like The Lost Symbol, The Tick, Veronica Mars, The Following, and The House of Lies. She has also previously starred in movies like Inherit the Viper and Blair Witch but her most known role so far was seen in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2

In a conversation with Den of Geek, the actress Valorie Curry talked about her experience and how she prepared to play the character of Firecracker in The Boys. In her statement, she said-

“When I was building the character, I leaned more into her hurt and her past, her backstory. It would be so easy for her to just disappear into parody. It was important to ground her so that the commentary and satire could still rise in contrast.”

Is Firecracker Inspired by a Real Person

The inspiration for Firecracker was indeed drawn from a real person. In a statement given to Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke, the showrunner, stated that the character has drawn inspiration from the alt-Right figures in the US, with Kristi Noem, the Donald Trump VP contender being a reference for the writers in a rather satirical manner. Kripke said-

“Firecracker represents both members of the conspiracy-minded movements and the super extreme right-wing news media. That character has some surprising backstory that connects her to some of the characters in our world that it was just interesting to bring in one of those pistol-packing ‘I shot my puppies’ type of characters.”

Is Firecracker in The Boys Comics?

No, Firecracker is not a character taken from The Boys comics. No such character exists in the comic run of The Boys and was created entirely from scratch for The Boys Season 4. However, even though an original character, she is a satirical commentary on the alt-right activists in the United States and is inspired by real people.

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