Why Starlight’s Powers Are Not Working in The Boys Season 4

In Short
  •  Starlight's powers are not working in The Boys Season 4 because of her emotional state.
  • After Starlight lost the support of her followers and was made to relive the trauma of having to abort her child by Firecracker her powers stopped working.
  • Starlight's powers are not working because she has had a massive dip in her confidence.

The Boys Season 4 episode 6 was released recently and all I can say about it is, “The first rule of episode 6 is we don’t talk about episode 6”. If you know what I mean, well and good, but if you don’t I guess you’ve not watched the episode yet. However, in both episodes 5 and 6 something unusual is happening to Annie January aka Starlight. She is not able to use her powers for some reason and even though the show does not tell us why, the reason is right in front of us. In this article, allow me to point you toward the reason why Starlight’s powers are not working in The Boys Season 4.

Starlight’s Emotional State Is Affecting Her Powers

Starlight's Emotional State is Affecting Her Powers
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Starlight’s powers are not working because of her emotional state in The Boys Season 4. In Episode 4, we see that Firecracker crosses a line when she pulls out Starlight’s medical records and tells everyone on live TV that she had an abortion. This caused Starlight to lose control and she beat Firecracker to a pulp on live TV.

Even though she was right to do so after what Firecracker did, her image in public was ruined for good, and almost all her followers lost faith in her. Her plan with Robert Singer to take down Victoria Neuman was also foiled at the same time. After all this, when Starlight tried to use her powers in episode 5, she was not able to do so and the same thing happened in episode 6 when she bumped into Firecracker while infiltrating Tek Knight’s estate to find Hughie who went in there as Webweaver to plant bugs.

In light of the events that happened in The Boys Season 4 Episode 4, Starlight has lost a huge chunk of her confidence and is suffering emotionally, and as a side effect of this, her powers are not working so far in The Boys Season 4.

Now we all know that eventually her powers will be back, we just don’t know when. Maybe what happened to Hughie in Season 6 will make her think how quickly she could have saved him if she had her powers. As a result of this realization, her powers might start working once again in the upcoming episodes of The Boys Season 4. However, this is just a theory and to know how she will get her powers back, we’ll have to wait for the episodes. Till Then, stay tuned with us for further updates!

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