The Boys: Sister Sage Powers Explained

The Boys Season 4 is now live and has introduced us to some new characters. However, the most talked about new appearance as of now is of Sister Sage played by Susan Heyward. She is the newest member of The Seven hired by Homelander himself. So, who is Sister Sage exactly and what are her powers? Let’s find out!

Who Is Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4

The cool thing here is that Sister Sage is not a part of The Boys comic books which makes her an original character created solely for the series. As of now, she is just shown to us as someone who helps Homelander in making decisions and split against Starlight but other than that, we will have to wait for further episodes to know more about this character.

What Are Sister Sage’s Powers

The Boys: Sister Sage Powers Explained
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Sister Sage does not possess any streamlined powers like flight, super speed, super strength, or anything of that sort. Sister Sage’s power is knowledge which makes her the most intelligent person on the planet. Homelander hires her to help him strategize against Starlight who has become a real problem for him.

Now if you think that this is kind of a lame power, you need to consider that she singlehandedly was able to cause chaos during Homelander’s trial in episode 2 of season 4. Now, since we are just three episodes in on the series we can’t say much about her overall role in the show but it seems that it might turn out to be a pretty major one.

If you’re waiting for the next episode, check out when The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 is releasing.

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