The Boys Season 4 Episode 4: What Killed Ezekiel?

In the Boys Season 4 Episode 4, Butcher shows up when Ezekiel and Frenchie start fighting in order to help his The Boys teammate. However, Butcher could not hold his ground for a very long time and Ezekiel has Butcher in a chokehold. Now, the interesting thing is, when Butcher thinks he is going to die, and passes out, he wakes up to being alive and finds Ezekiel blown into bits. So, what killed Ezekiel and how did he die? Let’s find out.

The Worm in Butcher’s Body Probably Killed Ezekiel

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4: What Killed Ezekiel?
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Prime Video

By the look of things, it seems that Ezekiel was somehow killed by the Worm we have seen crawling under Butcher’s skin. When Butcher was about to pass out, the worm came close to his mouth crawling under his skin and when he woke up, Ezekiel was blown into bits. The worm and Butcher might have a symbiotic relationship because of which it protects Butcher from dying by taking over his body and killing Ezekiel.

However, this is just speculative as the episode did not show us the powers Butchers have now. The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 also showed us that the worm came into being after Butcher took Compound V. So, there is also a possibility that the worm is Butcher’s power.

Previously, we have seen similar blown-to-pieces deaths by the hands (or rather mind) of Congresswoman Victoria Neuman. It is also possible that Butcher has got such powers from the Compound V. If this is the case, Butcher now has an advantage over Homelander and he might be able to extract his revenge finally.

Well. this is just what I think and to understand how much of it is true, let’s wait till the next episode of The Boys drops. Till then, stay tuned!

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