The Boys Season 4: What is the Worm in Butcher’s Head?

Since the very first episode of The Boys Season 4, we see a worm-like thing crawling in Butcher’s body. The worm is there because Butcher abuses Temp V and he is dying because of it. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye. The series is known for the unexpected twists the story takes and so is the case with this parasite in The Boys Season 4 episode 4. So, what actually is this worm-like thing in Butcher’s head? Let’s find out.

The Worm Seems to Be Butcher’s Power

The Worm Seems To Be Butcher's Power
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Earlier, it was assumed that using Temp V gave Butcher this worm but on multiple occasions, it has been made clear that Butcher is dying from a mass growth in his head and not some parasite. In Episode 4, we get to know that Butcher, in hopes of curing his Cancer injected himself with Compound V. However, he thought that it did nothing and only sped up the process of his death.

In episode 4, we see that when Butcher is in a chokehold by Ezekiel the worm in Butcher’s body comes close to his mouth and when he wakes up, he finds Ezekiel blown to bits. It seems that Compound V worked and gave Butcher some sort of power in the form of this worm in his body.

My best guess is that we might get to see a Venom-like ripoff considering the parasite’s bonding with Butcher. As soon as Butcher was about to be killed, the parasite got activated and killed Ezekiel. Alternatively, Butcher could have a power similar to the Congresswoman Victoria Neuamn who can blast the heads of people using her mind.

Nonetheless, the worm in Butcher’s body saved him and this could prove to be a turning point in the franchise. This could be the weapon that could kill Homelander after all.

However, this is just a speculation and the whole truth will be revealed to us in the upcoming episodes.

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  • Morons says:

    The article doesn’t even mention the fact that Butcher stole V from Frenchie to try and cure himself so it’s more likely the cause of the parasite mixed with the after affects of Temp V.

  • Sunny says:

    She’s not using telekinesis or any mind power she did those head blasts by manipulating their blood on the head , she also showed her power

  • zark00 says:

    Watch episode 7 of Diabolical

  • Rashomon says:

    Has the parasite been communicating to Butcher in form of Becca?

  • Butcher says:

    oi mate thanks for the info. now have a wank wont ya

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