Tesla Will Roll out ‘Full Self-Driving’ Features to Limited Drivers next Week

Tesla FSD features feat.

To achieve the dream of making Tesla a fully autonomous vehicle, Musk’s automobile company often rolls out various automation features for their EVs. Now, according to a recent tweet by the Tesla chief, the company will finally roll out the long-awaited “Full Self Drive” (FSD) set of features that was promised by Musk way back in 2018.

The CEO of the popular EV-manufacturers recently shared a tweet (below) on Monday announcing the limited FSD beta. According to his reply-tweet, the upcoming FSD beta will initially be limited to a small number of Tesla owners “who are expert and careful drivers”.

Although Tesla’s Autopilot system has been a topic of many controversies over the years, there is no denying the fact that the said technology is really a feat of engineering for those who use it properly. However, there are several instances where Tesla’s Autopilot system was a flaw rather than a useful feature.

Nonetheless, according to Elon, the changes that the FSD features will bring for the Tesla drivers will be “profound”. Musk says that these features are not just tweaks, but changes in the core system.

“The FSD improvement will come as a quantum leap because it’s a fundamental architectural rewrite, not an incremental tweak,”, Musk had stated earlier when talking about the feature.

So, with the new set of features for the Autopilot system, drivers will be able to drive their cars with “almost zero interventions”. This means that the drivers can just let their Teslas drive themselves without any intervention from them.

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