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6 Best Voice Chat Apps and Services for Gamers in 2019

7 Best Voice Chat Apps and Services for Gamers

If you’re a gamer, you obviously know how important it is to communicate with your team members in order to have a successful game....

BSNL Launches WINGS VoIP Service, Introduces Prepaid Landline Services Starting at Rs 200

BSNL is not willing to call it quits in its attempt to beat Jio at the price game and has announced India's first internet telephony...
google voice

Google Voice To Soon Debut In-app VoIP Calling Functionality

Google Voice, which was once considered dead, was relaunched with a brand new avatar back in early 2017. It came with completely redesigned mobile...
best voip apps 2015

10 Best VoIP Apps

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the voice and multimedia communication over the IP, i.e. the Internet. In the past,  VoIP services were not...

Voca: The Simplest and Affordable VoIP Solution We Have Ever Seen

There might be hundreds of solutions that offer ‘cheap’ international VoIP calls and messages, despite the fact that its ‘cheap’ label is somewhat abstract in...