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GIF guy feat.

This Guy Creates Some Amazing Looping GIFs Using Code

GIFs are something we all use a lot on various social media platforms. However, none of those meme GIFs or the looping ones compare...

Tumblr is Back on the App Store With New Content Guidelines

The Tumblr app vanished from the App Store in November with the company reasoning that there is an issue with the iOS app, but...

Tumblr Will Ban Adult Content, Porn Starting December 17

Due to the increasing circulation of adult content on its platform, the microblogging and social media site Tumblr has announced that it will no...

Officially Confirmed: Russian IRA Propaganda Group Exploited Tumblr For Fake News Too

As expected Facebook, Reddit and Twitter are not the only social networks to fall prey to Russian fake news propaganda, surrounding the 2016 US...
10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Use in 2020

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Use

From social networking services, to instant messaging apps, to video sharing websites, there are numerous means by which information can be shared online with...

Blogger Vs WordPress Vs Tumblr [Stats 2012]

Blogger is an old player in blog-publishing service founded way back in 1998 which was bought by Google in 2003 that was the same year...