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TRAI Directs Telecom Operators to Employ Blockchain for Controlling Spam

Blockchain is the 'it' buzzword in the tech community right now, and it is being implemented in domains ranging from smartphones and banking to...
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WhatsApp Will Now Inform Users About Potentially Risky Links

WhatsApp is widely abused by spam and misinforming forwarded messages. Often many of these forwards contain malicious links and in an effort of sensitizing...

Google Phone App Might Soon Allow Real-Time Spam Call Screening

Earlier in April, it was reported that Google is working on a spam filtering feature for the Google Phone app that won't send an...
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Gmail Accounts Seem To Be Sending Spam All By Themselves

One of the biggest reasons Gmail succeeded over Yahoo, Hotmail and other email rivals was its spam detection. Gmail was by far the best...
Twitter is on a Road to Transformation and Embracing AI, CEO Informs Investors

End of Twitter Trolls? News Rules Will Actively Fight Copy-Pasted Tweets from Bots

As part of its ongoing efforts to purge fake accounts and fight automated spam bots, Twitter has announced a bunch of new guidelines that...
Facebook Spams Users With Notification SMS, Auto-Posts Reply as Status

Facebook Spams Users With SMS, Posts Replies as Status Messages

Facebook's receding growth rate is a matter of concern for the company, and it looks like there will be some desperate measures to gain...

How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam Invites

With Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals, iPhone users have been treated to something no one was looking forward to - a constant stream of...

How to Keep Your Remote Workers Productive