This Devilish New Tool Lets You E-Mail Spam the Spammer

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As we continue to gradually move towards digitization, our email inboxes have become a spam-yard for various companies and service providers. Yes, we do receive many important and useful emails. However, let’s admit it, out of the fifty emails we receive every day, only 10-15 of them are important. The rest are simply spam-emails like newsletters and promotional emails. So, in order to stand up to these kinds of email-spammers, notorious online platform, MSCHF has come up with a unique tool that lets users spam the spammer.

Dubbed as “You’ve Got Spam” (From “You’ve Got Mail”? I see what you did there, MSCHF), this software lets users select any spam email from their inbox and spam back the sender. It is just the kind of software that we can expect from MSCHF as we have seen the organization come up with some unusual stuff before.

“In recent years, an influx of new-fangled marketing mediums have competed for our attention — and the humble email inbox has become an unexpectedly fruitful locale for greater engagement,” wrote the maker of the app, Daniel Greenberg.

“Many of the emails we receive are well-meaning. But let’s be honest: the majority of them are glorified spam,” he further added.

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Spam Them Back: The Ultimate Revenge

So, the maker of the app, Greenberg says that he developed it to get back to these “glorified” spammers. With this tool installed on your PC or laptop, you will be able to subscribe a spammer’s email address “to hundreds of junky subscriptions, choking their inbox to the gills”. You just have to select a spam email and click the devil emoji-button at the top bar.

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So, if you are fed up with those useless spam-emails in your inbox, then you need to check out “You’ve Got Spam” right now. You can download the app from its official website and install it on your PC or laptop to stand against those big bad spammers.

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  • Elvis Presley says:

    Dumbest idea. Spammers usually spoof their email addresses. And also use “no-reply” messages. In result trying to spam them back would flood the user’s inbox with mailer-daemon errors.

  • BillNyeTheSecurityGuy says:

    First take is that the tool is unethical and illegal, since anyone can get in trouble for signing up other emails to spam lists (for example, your boss)

    Not to mention, trying to mount a counterattack against spammers in itself has the inherent risk of pissing the wrong guy off and may just paint a target on your back.

  • Ian says:

    And what’s going to happen when the spammer spoofs someone’s email address? Is this going to sign up some poor person who badu6 had their email address stolen?

  • Nicholas Maietta says:

    There is a reason this method has not been used decades ago: Email addresses are often forged and you’ll be spamming the victim of a spoofed email address if the address is valid or you’ll otherwise be increasing the traffic sent between services and thus further causing more problems for the ISPs, hosting providers and email administrators. Please don’t use retaliatory tactics. Instead, switch to an email system that makes use of every trick in the book that has been proven to thwart spam but also change your habits to avoid getting spam emails in the first place. I’ve operated email services since about 1999 and built them from scratch. I am aware of the many headaches caused by tools like these. They virtually do nothing to the spammers.

  • curt says:

    I love it, finally after 25 years of putting up with spam, phishes, and scammers, and not being able too do very much about it, I feel like I’m the King Of The World Wide Web. I hope the spammers, phishers, and scammers will now be happy spending hours cleaning out their inbox!

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