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android 10 distribution numbers are super low even after 4 months

PornHub is Doing God’s Work by Shedding Light on Android Distribution Numbers

Google's feeble control over Android update rollout has often been rebuked on stage by Apple to promote timely and widespread iOS updates year after...

PornHub Served Over 4,403 Petabytes of Porn in 2018

Much like Google's Year in Search and Twitter's Year in Review, PornHub has also decided to wrap up 2018 with its annual 'Year In Review'...

Pornhub Aims For YouTube’s Crown with SFW Videos and Focus on Creators

DISCLAIMER: This story has links to adult content, and has screenshots with profanity.  With more than a billion hours of watch time every day, it...
Pornhub VPNhub

Pornhub’s New VPNhub Service Has Unlimited Usage Even for Free Users

Popular adult entertainment website, Pornhub, is jumping onto the VPN bandwagon with the launch of its own free virtual private network (VPN) service, appropriately...

People are Searching for ‘Fortnite’, ‘PUBG’, and ‘Pokemon’ on PornHub

Fortnite is fast becoming a global sensation breaking all sorts of records previously held by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, if there is one thing the...

Pornhub Bans AI-Generated Non-consensual ‘Deepfakes’ Porn Videos

According to a recent report from Motherboard, adult entertainment website Pornhub has announced a sitewide ban on 'deepfakes' videos. Deepfakes are videos of celebrities generated...

Pornhub Reveals How Hawaii ‘Celebrated’ Minutes After Missile Scare

The residents of Hawaii recently got the shock of their life when a missile alert was broadcasted by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HEMA), urging...