Pornhub’s New VPNhub Service Has Unlimited Usage Even for Free Users

Pornhub VPNhub

Popular adult entertainment website, Pornhub, is jumping onto the VPN bandwagon with the launch of its own free virtual private network (VPN) service, appropriately named VPNhub. VPNhub aims to provide Pornhub patrons and others in need of a VPN, a completely free and private internet browsing session.

The VPNhub service is available for free on the Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows stores, which depends entirely on ads to generate revenue. Just like the ‘Premium’ offering on Pornhub, VPNhub also has a premium subscription offer, which removes the ads and promises faster browsing speeds. The premium subscription costs anywhere between $12 and $14 per month, depending on the platform, and is well worth a buy if you don’t like ads.

In a statement regarding the new VPN service, Pornhub’s VP Corey Price told VentureBeat:

“VPNhub is free and unlimited, anonymous and easy to use. It’s also developed by us, the leading adult entertainment platform in the world. While many people employ a VPN service for any number of reasons while browsing the internet, a good number of them use it to circumvent and bypass restrictions to access adult content. It only makes sense that they use Pornhub’s.”

Unlike most other free VPN services, VPNhub promises unlimited bandwidth which is kind of a prerequisite as Pornhub’s core selling point is bandwidth-intensive videos. The service has around 1,000 servers across 15 countries, so you’ll never fall short of options, if a particular server doesn’t work out for you.


We tried out the service on an Android device and it’s quite easy to setup and use. The app has an orange lock icon right in the center which you can tap to activate the secure VPN connection.

Once the secure connection is activated, the lock turns green with a neat little animation. While the service does include a bunch of different server locations, the free version is locked to the US and you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version to access other locations.


In India, the premium subscription is priced at Rs. 720 per month on Android, with a 30 percent discount on an yearly subscription that brings it down to Rs. 329 per month. If you want to try out the premium subscription before shelling out any money, the app also offers a seven day trial period.

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  • Willem Glenn says:

    I don’t if I should be laughing at this or not but this stuff is funny. A porn site coming up with a vpn of their own. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just that people used vpns to access these sites where they were blocked and now a site which hosts the pornographic content provides them to use their own vpn. Ironic. Either way, the timing couldn’t be better to enter the privacy and security industry. Where VPNs provide unfiltered access, they also tend to prevent data snoopers from stealing our information. Especially after the recent turn of events such as the Facebook fiasco and GDPR implementation, the need is more than ever! Not sure if their launch can be termed as a master-stroke but I mean vpns are the future. Oh and speaking of the future, Ivacy VPN has been making rounds on the internet in terms of tightened online protection.

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