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Fact Check: No, Google Didn’t Launch a Rs 500 Feature Phone in Indonesia

If you haven't been living under a rock, I'm certain that you would come across a number of stories - even from leading publications...

Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On: Modern Take On A Classic

When HMD Global announced the comeback of its iconic Nokia 8110 'banana phone' back at this year's Mobile World Congress, I was beyond excited...

Nokia 8110 4G ‘Banana Phone’ Launched in India; Priced At Rs 5,999

During the Nokia 3.1 Plus smartphone launch, HMD Global took all of us by surprise by announcing the availability of Nokia 8110 4G 'Banana...

Google Invests $22 Million in KaiOS Feature Phone Platform

Google aims to bring services such as Google Maps and YouTube to KaiOS-powered feature phones such as the JioPhone and Nokia's 8110 'Matrix Phone'. And it's...
WhatsApp to Launch on JioPhone, Other KaiOS Devices Soon

WhatsApp to Launch on JioPhone, Other KaiOS Devices Soon

Feature phones powered by KaiOS are not too far behind entry-level smartphones in terms of popular app support. Among the noted names in KaiOS...

Reliance Retail Invests $7 Million in KaiOS Which Powers JioPhone and Nokia ‘Banana Phone’

After shaking up the telecom industry with its fierce pricing and the mobile entertainment segment with free JioTV, Reliance appears to be gearing up...