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google play games - play with friends

Google Play Games Now Makes It Easier to Play Together with Friends

A couple of weeks ago, an APK teardown revealed that Google was planning to add a new 'Play Together' feature to Play Games. The...

Google Play Games May Soon Add a ‘Play Together’ Feature With Invites, Chat and...

An APK teardown of the latest version of Google Play Games has revealed that the app may soon add a 'Play Together' feature that,...
Google Play Announces Indie Games Festival for Android Developers

Google Play Announces Indie Games Festival 2020 for Android Developers

A couple of days back, Google announced its annual Google Play Indie Games Festival. The festival serves as a platform for indie developers to...
Android Games

Google Play Games Is Getting a New Gaming News Hub

Mobile gaming is the mass market because pretty much everyone who is online uses a smartphone. Naturally, there's a huge interest in games on...