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Best Cardboard VR apps 2016

20 Best Google Cardboard Apps to Make The Most Out of It

The Google Cardboard is a great VR device, which lets you easily turn your Android smartphone into a virtual reality device but what makes...
10 Best Google Cardboard Games for Android and iOS

10 Best Google Cardboard Games for Android and iOS in 2019

Google Cardboard might not bring the advanced virtual reality prowess that other VR devices like Oculus Rift boast of but its affordable nature has brought...
how to play PC games on Cardboard using Trinus app

How to Play PC Games on Google Cardboard with Trinus VR

Google Cardboard is a pretty fun VR gaming device and there are some very cool games available for the device. But if you are...
Google-Cardboard-Camera-3D-effect 1

How to Use Google Cardboard Camera to Capture VR photos

Google Cardboard has evolved a lot since its inception and Google has made sure it remains relevant through new apps & content. The search giant...

How to Use Google Cardboard: A Beginner’s Guide

Virual Reality devices are slowly gaining prominence, with various big companies launching their very own VR devices. While Samsung's Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation...

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