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What is Bluetooth Mesh Networking

Bluetooth SIG Announces LC3 Codec, Support for Hearing Aids, and Multi-Stream Audio

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is finally stepping up the capabilities of Bluetooth technology. A few days back at CES 2020, they announced...

Android 11 May Let You Listen to Bluetooth Audio With Airplane Mode On

Android 10 has not even been rolled out to most flagship smartphones yet, but rumors about the next major version of the software have...
teenager hacked apple guilty

Major Bluetooth Security Flaw Leaves Millions Vulnerable to Hackers

Cyber-security researchers have detailed a critical Bluetooth vulnerability called KNOB (Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth) that they say can potentially allow hackers to intercept and...
android 9 pie featured

Android Pie Will Remember Set Volume For Each Bluetooth Device

The release of Android 9 Pie has brought with it a number of new features that, although incremental in nature, are expected to make...

Google Planning to Release New Chromecast With Bluetooth Enabled

Google is apparently preparing to release a Bluetooth version of its 2nd-gen Chromecast streaming device. According to some FCC documentation discovered recently, the company...
Anker Roav Viva Alexa Powered Bluetooth Car Charger Featured

Turn Any Car into an Alexa-Powered Smart Car with Anker Roav Viva Car Charger

While Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay are slowly making their way into the automobile industry, the biggest constraint with these technologies is that mostly,...
Bluetooth Battery Level Featured

How to Get Bluetooth Device Battery Level on Android

The world is shifting towards wireless technologies. Be it listening to audio, or transferring content, almost everything can be done wirelessly. The two most...

What is Bluetooth 5? Everything You Need to Know

The Bluetooth technology is more than two decades old and is still the dominant wireless tech standard for transferring data over short distances. It...

How to Fix Mac Bluetooth Problems

There have always been issues with the Bluetooth connectivity (or Bluetooth not working at all) on macOS. While this issue has been largely resolved in...