H moser alp watch final upgrade

This Swiss Apple Watch-Lookalike Comes with a Mechanical Loading Screen and Costs $30,800

H moser alp watch final upgrade

Since Apple released its health-focused Apple Watch back in 2015, we have seen many companies copy its design. The Swiss watchmaking company H. Moser and Cie came up with the most expensive Apple Watch lookalike back in 2019 with a price tag of around $377,550. Well now, the company is back with another Apple Watch lookalike which is still very expensive and features a mechanical version of Apple’s loading icon.

The company, if you do not know, has been making its Alp Watch series of mechanical watches that look like Apple’s timepiece since the Cupertino giant released the initial version of the Apple Watch. Now, following the release of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE, H. Moser recently released the Alp Watch Final Upgrade which rocks the same squared-off design with the rounded edges as the Apple Watch.

“No updates required, no lousy autonomy, no unnecessary features, no annoying notifications, just the only reminder you ever really need: To disconnect from all the noise and cherish each and every moment,” the company wrote on the watch’s listing on its official website.

Coming to the watch, the Alp Watch Final Upgrade boasts a Vantablack dial, which absorbs almost all the visible light, and, as per H.Moser, provides a much darker dial than Apple’s “true black” OLED panels. The hour and minute hands of the watch are also black in color, although not as dark as the dial.

H moser alp watch final upgrade

Now, the most interesting thing on the watch is the secondary dial at the 6 o’clock position which uncannily resembles Apple’s loading wheel, which usually appears when an iOS, iPadOS, or WatchOS device is loading something. However, instead of a digital loading wheel, this design is a mechanical one, and it involves precise cut-outs through which a rotating gradient gives it a loading effect.

Moreover, the Swiss Alp Watch Final Upgrade is completely mechanical with its hand-wound HMC 324 Manufacture movement providing a minimum power reserve of 100 hours. You can even see the entire mechanics of the watch at the back via a see-through panel.

H moser alp watch final upgrade

You can check out the official video of the watch right below.

H. Moser and Cie is aiming to deliver only 50 editions of the watch to potential customers and it is currently available to order on its official website. If you are thinking of getting one, the $30,800 price tag might just throw you off a bit. However, if it still intrigues you and you are ordering it right now, then you should know that I like cars.

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