18 Best Apple Watch Games in 2024 (Free and Paid)

In Short
  • From adventure and puzzle games to fitness-focused challenges and even arcade style experience, there is a game for every use in the Apple Watch games library.
  • Games like "Rule" challenges players with brain-testing puzzles, making the most of the Apple Watch's interface for an immersive experience.
  • Apple Watch games are generally simple due to the device's restricted dimensions, resolution, control, and size. However, playing games on your wrist is always a fun experience.

Apple Watch is a fantastic wearable that lets you set your activity goals, track your sleep, and monitor your activities. Well, that’s not all. The newest models are loaded with stunning graphics, user-friendly controls, and capable innards so you can play games right from your wrist. Also, since the new Apple Watch 9 packs a powerful new S9 chipset, you’re bound to get an enjoyable gaming experience. There are many Apple Watch games out there that you can play anywhere, anytime. Be it a short coffee break or your daily travel to work, there are a bunch of exciting Apple Watch games you can play to kill time. I’ve played most of them. So here are the 18 best games for Apple Watch in 2024.

1. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is one of my favorite paid games for Apple Watch purely because of its excellent gameplay and the way it makes such good use of the watch’s taptic engine and Digital Crown.

Pocket Bandit Apple Watch Game

In the game, you will find yourself breaking into vaults to steal money, jewels, and other valuable items while carefully avoiding the anti-theft devices installed on some of the vaults. This is an excellent game to kill some time on your Apple Watch.

Buy Pocket Bandit from the App Store ($0.99)

2. Tiny Armies

I love playing strategy games on my iPad, and if you’re also a fan of strategy games, you should give Tiny Armies a try on your Apple Watch. The game brings a ton of game modes including solo play and friend-battle, and even has an iMessage app that you can use.

Tiny Armies Apple Watch Game

You use simple swipe gestures to play the game, but the levels add more complexity with the introduction of environmental objects such as lakes and mountains. Since this is a turn-based strategy Apple Watch game, you have to plan ahead because every move matters.

Download Tiny Armies from the App Store ($0.99)

3. Rules!

If you are looking for the best puzzle games for Apple Watch, Rules! is a captivating game that you might want to try. It delivers stimulating puzzles that challenge and sharpen your brain. Developed by TheCodingMonkeys, this game has been the Editor’s Choice on the App Store as well, which is high praise.

Rules Apple Watch Game

In this game, you basically have to follow rules to clear out levels. However, the rules from previous levels are applicable in new levels as well and are simply mentioned as “Rule 1” or “Rule 4” etc. So you have to keep track of all the rules you’ve learned in the previous levels in order to clear out more levels. Needless to say, this game gets pretty difficult, pretty fast.

Download Rules! from the App Store ($2.99)

4. Snappy Word

If you are a fan of the popular word game Wordle, it won’t take much time for Snappy Word to become one of the best Apple Watch games for you. It is a really simple game. You are given a grid of four letters with the task of making a meaningful word from it, and you’re racing against a timer.

Snappy Word Apple Watch Game

You’ll need to swipe the letters to make the word. The highly addictive game has more than 400 challenging levels and the difficulty level rises with each level.

Download Snappy Word from the App Store (Free)

5. Ping Pong for Apple Watch

The game of Pong needs no introduction, and this title brings that fun to your wrist. Ping Pong for Apple Watch, as the name suggests, is a game that allows you to play pong on your wrist.

Ping Pong Apple Watch Game

Controls are simple and managed through the digital crown, making for impeccable control that you always need in a game of pong. You can enjoy this Apple Watch game for free, which makes it just that much better!

Download Ping Pong from the App Store (Free)

6. Tube Twister

Can I make the mistake of not mentioning Snake.io on this list? Absolutely not, as it’s a cult millennial classic. You take on the challenge to become the biggest serpent on the Apple Watch. But, this one has an additional twist; in order to grow, you must take on other snakes attempting to accomplish the same. You can increase your speed by ejecting masses. This is a great trick to use in a battle with snakes.

18 Best Apple Watch Games in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Develop your skills to dominate the game and rise to the very top of the current leaderboard. Play offline or online on your preferred Apple devices.

Download Snake.io App Store (Free)

7. Lifeline 2

Here comes a text-based adventure game that you can play on your Apple Watch, iPhone, as well as iPad. So, you won’t have to miss a beat. Lifeline 2 is the second installment in the Lifeline series that took the world by storm when it was first released.

Lifeline 2 Apple Watch games

The game’s style is very similar to Timecrest but with better graphics, a lot of original content, and no in-app purchases. The downside is that Timecrest was free, and this will set you back a buck.

Download Lifeline 2 from the App Store ($2.99)

8. Jellyfish Tap

If you once found Flappy Bird addictive, wait until you play Jellyfish Tap. In this Apple Watch game, you have to avoid obstacles like a jellyfish and move ahead to get more scores. While it may sound easy, this tap game gets tough really quickly.

Jellyfish Tap Apple Watch games

Its vibrant theme and highly responsive control will turn you into an addict and in no time, it will be your favorite game on Apple Watch.

Download Jellyfish Tap from the App Store (Free)

9. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

If you love playing platformer games, you just cannot miss Dare the Monkey on your Apple Watch. As the name suggests, you play as a monkey in this game and your aim is to traverse the various traps and enemies to get to the end of the levels. It’s a surprisingly fun and challenging game, with really adorable graphics and it seems perfect for the Apple Watch’s screen.

Dare the Monkey Apple Watch games

Download Dare the Monkey from the App Store (Free)

10. Chess

For fans of brain games, there’s good news! You can even play Chess on your Apple Watch. And not just against the computer, you can actually even play chess on watchOS 10 against other players around the world.

Chess Apple Watch games

The game is free to download and will match you against other players. The interface is simple, obviously, but you get a leaderboard to keep track of your score and where you stand.

Download Chess from the App Store (Free)

11. Jupiter Attack

Did you love playing Space Invaders as a child? Well, then you would love playing Jupiter Attack on your Apple Watch. In this game, you’re piloting a spaceship and you have to face off against hordes of enemy ships that are hell-bent on destroying Earth.

Jupiter Attack Apple Watch games

The controls are simple and you can use the touch screen and the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to move your ship around and make sure you defeat the enemies before they defeat you.

Download Jupiter Attack from the App Store ($1.99)

12. Octopuz

Octopuz is a memory-based Apple Watch game for people who like to exercise their brain cells while gaming. The basics of the game are really simple. You’re shown a pattern on the screen of your Apple Watch, and you have to replicate it. But, remember that there’s a timer within which you have to finish replicating the pattern shown to you.

Octopuz Apple Watch games

Basically, the game helps build memory as well as dexterity in your fingers as you try and complete patterns as fast as you can from memory.

Download Octopuz from the App Store (Free)

13. Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games

Do you miss the feeling of going to your local gaming arcade and playing classic games on those big, big arcade machines? Well, here’s an Apple Watch game that brings back the nostalgia. Arcadia brings multiple games like Snake, Galaxy Invaders, Pong, and more straight on your watch. The best part is that there are no ads, no IAPs, and no user tracking so you can simply zone out and play in peace.

Arcadia Apple Watch games

Download Arcadia from the App Store ($1.99)

14. Retro Twist

If multiple games in one package is your thing, and you’re already tired of Arcadia, you should check out Retro Twist. Similar to Arcadia, Retro Twist brings a selection of retro games for your Apple Watch, but as the name suggests, these games have a twist.

Retro Game on Apple Watch

You can play Super Jump, which is now an endless runner. Contra Pang is a fun game for fans of the classic Contra game, and you can also enjoy games like Moon Snake, Retro Racer, Circle Break, and more. All for a really reasonable price to boot.

Download Retro Twist from the App Store ($0.99)

15. Infinity Loop: Blueprints

Here we’ve a classic puzzle game for Apple Watch — Infinity Loop. I remember playing a variation of this game back in college, and then later as well. It’s nice to see the game still going strong, and available on the Apple Watch.

18 Best Apple Watch Games in 2024 (Free and Paid)

As the name suggests, all you have to do in this game is rotate pieces of the puzzle to form an infinite loop. Not the kind in software development, which sucks, but the good kind, one that won’t make your code crash your system. There are a bunch of game modes you can play, including the classic mode or the global puzzles.

Plus, you can use the creative lounge mode to create your own Infinity Loop puzzles as well. Overall, this is a fun game to pass the time on your Apple Watch.

Download Infinity Loop: Blueprints from the App Store (Free)

16. Trivia Crack

Rounding off my Apple Watch 2024 games list with a timeless classic trivia game that tests your knowledge through challenging questions from across six different categories. Trivia Crack is one of the most popular games on Apple Watch that lets you learn something new while challenging your friends in real-time.

Trivia Crack Apple Watch game

You can use the friendly spinner wheel called Willy to choose questions from different categories. The first one to get the highest scores from all the six categories wins the crown. You can create your own questions, choose from 20+ languages, and chat with your opponents to bring in more fun.

Download Trivia Crack from the App Store (Free)

17. Star Duster

Star Duster’s design is believed to be influenced by the early 1980s LCD games created by Tomy, Grandstand, and Nintendo’s Game&Watch series. It offers gameplay similar to Atari classic Tempest, where you control a spacecraft using the digital crown as you fly around the round playing field. The objective is to collect objects in space and avoid beams, obstacles, and walls.

Star Duster Apple Watch

There are two game modes you can choose from, with one being level-based and the other one being live-based, with various challenges and a high score table.

Download Star Duster ($1.99)

18. 2048 🙂

If you’ve never played 2048 :), You might be mad at me for sharing the game because once you begin playing, it is extremely difficult to stop. It offers a grid of 4×4, and you must swipe it across or down to move numbers on the grid. If two numbers with the same numbers meet the grid, they’re replaced with one number, which is the total of both. The only thing you need to do is continue until you’ve made the block with a value of 2048. This sounds easy; however, it can be extremely challenging.

2048 :) Apple Watch Game

Download 2048 🙂 (Free)

That sums up our list of the best Apple Watch games that you should check out in 2024. I have tried to include a fair number of free games and paid games for watchOS 10 from multiple genres. Still, if you know of an Apple Watch game that I should have included in this list, let me know about it in the comments.

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