Stellar Blade New Game Plus Mode (Explained)

In Short
  • Stellar Blade's New Game Plus mode unlocks after finishing your first playthrough.
  • Your new game will import all your gathered items, money, experience points, skills, and more. However, you must naturally start over with the story.
  • The New Game Plus mode includes new skills, a fresh Raven Suit, and much more.

Stellar Blade by Shift Up Studios is soaring high, with positive reviews all around. After wrapping up my first playthrough and discussing it in my review, I sat down to wait for the new update that would bring the New Game Plus mode. As anyone will know, the NG+ mode lets you start a new game while carrying over previous skills and progress. With the update here, it’s time to talk about what the Stellar Blade New Game Plus Brings to the table. So, let’s begin!

Stellar Blade New Game Plus Mode: Features

Besides all the usual things an NG+ mode brings, Stellar Blade lets gamers bring forth all their items, currency, records, character enhancements, and more. Additionally, a new Raven suit will be unlocked automatically. The developers have also added numerous features that will drastically increase your main character’s power, such as:

  • New amplified Beta and Burst skills: With these new skills in NG+ mode, you can unleash deadlier attacks than ever before. For example, if you continuously upgrade the Slash beta skill, you can now unlock an infinite Slash skill. This will replace your old slash, and now you can wreak havoc against Naytibas with a much more powerful move and even have the option to increase its attack power with another skill.
  • New burst skills stellar blade
  • Beta skills stellar blade
  • All New Upgraded Enhancements: You can now collect and equip upgraded enhancements that can boost your perks significantly more than the older versions. For instance, Beta Charge Gear Mk2 is a revamped enhancement of the older Beta Charge Gear.
Enhancements of Gear Sockets in Stellar Blade
Captured In-Game by Ajithkumar on PS5
  • Fresh Drone Upgrades: You can upgrade your drone-turned-hybrid weapon further with many improved skills, such as increasing the attack power of your shotgun shell or explosive shell.
Drone Upgrades skills tab
Captured In-Game by Ajithkumar on PS5

And there you have it! I hope you now know all about what the New Game Plus mode in Stellar Blade brings. What do you think about Stellar Blade? Let us know in the comments below!

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