Stellar Blade PC Port and Sequel on the Cards, Confirms Dev

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In Short
  • Stellar Blade from Shift Up Studios has been reported as "exceeding expectations" regarding sales.
  • To increase its already enormous sales even more, the developers are considering a PC port.
  • They hope to establish Stellar Blade as an exciting franchise. As a result, Shift Up is also considering Stellar Blade 2 along with a new IP called "Project Witches."

Shift Up’s Stellar Blade has been the center of everyone’s attention since its release last month. I found Stellar Blade to be a solid ARPG packed with energizing combat and a grand sci-fi story. Gamers have been asking the ever-pressing question of whether Stellar Blade is coming to PC. We haven’t had any concrete news until now. However, according to the newest financial report from Shift Up, it seems Stellar Blade devs are actually considering a PC port along with Stellar Blade. Furthermore, we might even get a new IP from the studio.

Shift Up Considering Stellar Blade PC Port

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Image Courtesy: Stellar Blade by Shift Up (X/@StellarBlade)

The most recent financial reports from Shift Up Studios have shed light on the game’s future and the plans for a PC release. Shift Up’s debut console game is stated as “exceeding expectations” regarding the game’s sales figures.

Furthermore, it is also mentioned that “by releasing on various platforms, we are expanding the user base and thereby increasing the number of game users.” This statement suggests that the developers are eyeing a Stellar Blade PC release some time to boost its massive sales further.

Furthermore, an additional statement about the game reads:

“Based on our experience with titles such as Destiny Child, Victory: Nikke, and Stellar Blade, we plan to create successful multi-platform solutions for future games.”

As of now, excluding Stellar Blade, the remaining two products of Shift Up are already multi-platform games. Thus, it is implied that Stellar Blade will also receive a PC port down the road as they are heading towards a successful multi-platform approach for their future games.

The developers also want to flesh out Stellar Blade as a successful franchise similar to the God of War and Final Fantasy series, as the reports indicate “a long-term revenue base through a series of high-quality sequels.” Thus, they are thinking deeply about sequels and a PC release. Do you know what this can mean? Stellar Blade 2!

Studio Also Working on Project Witches

Additionally, the devs at Shift Up Studios are gearing up to work on a new IP, which includes a brand-new subculture called Project Witches (a multi-platform gacha game). The game will launch on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Hopes for a PC release are shining bright, and it will only be a matter of time before we get an official announcement regarding the PC release. Are you excited for a Stellar Blade PC port and possibly even a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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