How to Get the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade

In Short
  • You must collect all 49 Collectible Cans dispersed over the destroyed planet to get the Black Pearl nano suit.
  • My ideal tip is to unlock your drone's Can Detector function, which will give off a distinctive sound and make it easy for you to find the cans.
  • Additionally, you can unlock a wide range of rewards that will increase the number of items in your inventory.

Since the launch of the Stellar Blade, every gamer has become a suit collector for the best suits for EVE. However, one suit is very hard to obtain, and you can only find it around the endgame: the Black Pearl nano suit. If you’re up to the challenge and want to get the Black Pearl suit quickly, keep reading!

Unfortunately, the only way to get your hands on the Black Pearl Nano Suit is to collect cans throughout your journey. Found during the game, these tin collection cans help unlock rewards. To unlock the Black Pearl Nano Suit, players must collect all the 49 cans hidden in various locations.

rewards for collecting cans in Stellar Blade
Captured In-Game on PS5

Besides the suit, you can also earn numerous other rewards, such as increasing your potions held for every seven cans you find. Thus, it is a double win in our books.

Where to Find Collectible Cans in Stellar Blade?

Can collection stellar blade
Captured In-Game on PS5

As I mentioned earlier, there are a total of 49 cans to find to craft the Black Pearl nano suit. It is spread throughout the following regions:

  • Eidos7 – 3
  • Xion City – 8
  • Wasteland – 15
  • Matrix 11–3
  • Great Desert – 16
  • Spire 4 – 4

You can find the cans you collected in the can inventory located in Adam’s camp in the city of Xion. Furthermore, return to the camp occasionally to collect the rewards for every seven cans you find during your journey.

Cans stellar blade

Head to the repair console section to speed up your chances of finding cans. Here, you can unlock an ability called “Can Detector.” This skill will make the drone make a particular sound when a can is nearby. This is a super useful ability that can save you time during your quest to get the Black Pearl suit.

Can detector ability stellar blade

With the Black Pearl Nano Suit making huge waves across Stellar Blade, it’s hardly a surprise everyone is flocking to collect all the cans in the game. What about you? Did you manage to unlock this suit? Or are you still sticking to the Stargazer Suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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