Is Stellar Blade Coming to PC? Answered

In Short
  • Stellar Blade was announced to be a PS5 exclusive by PlayStation with its release date.
  • There are no confirmations or statements on whether Stellar Blade will come to PC for now.
  • During the first teaser and developments, Shift Up announced that Project Eve was being made for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

After already becoming the third-best PlayStation game in history, Stellar Blade keeps raking up good reviews. Even though PS5 players are enjoying the hell out of Stellar Blade (review), PC gamers have been left out of the mix. If you’re the latter and wondering if you will get Stellar Blade on PC, keep reading.

Currently, there is no confirmation that Stellar Blade will be coming to PC. It is entirely possible that Shift Up Studios may have signed an exclusivity deal with Sony, which would see the game remain a PS5 exclusive, at least for some time.

However, we have already seen Helldivers 2 (review) on PC, and it was hugely successful because of its mass availability everywhere. We have also seen many PlayStation games come to PC after years, with the latest example being Ghost of Tsushima PC. So, is there a chance the game will be available on PC in the future?

Will Stellar Blade Come to PC in the Future?

If we dial back a few years, reports suggest that Project Eve was coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although that was announced in 2019, it is possible Shift Up was working on different versions of the game. Around the same time, we also witnessed the prototype combat showcase for Project Eve (now Stellar Blade).

However, when the game was first showcased at the Sony PlayStation Showcase 2021, it seemed like exclusivity was working its magic. Finally, on January 31st, 2024, Sony released a statement saying, “Stellar Blade will be a PS5 exclusive.”

Stellar Blade PC prototype Project Eve
Project Eve Tease Image/ Image Courtesy: Shift Up

If we go by Sony exclusives on PC, Stellar Blade will take almost a year to come to PC. So, even if Shift Up was developing Project Eve for all platforms, including PC, it seems the Sony exclusivity played its part. As the Korean gaming industry is more focused on PC gaming, it is possible that Stellar Blade PC can be launched earlier than any other Sony-exclusive port.

So, for now, we shall wait for more official statements or information about Stellar Blade coming to PC. Will you play the game on your gaming rig? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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