The Best Stellar Blade Skills to Unlock

The heart of Stellar Blade is its phenomenal combat system, packed with incredible skill trees to blast your way through Naytibas. There are over 100+ skills if you combine all five skill trees, and it can be overwhelming at first. But fret not, as I’ve got you covered with a definitive guide to mastering the combat by unlocking the best skills in Stellar Blade. With that, let’s begin!

Spoiler Warning:

The last two skill trees in this guide will be unlocked after a certain point in the story in Stellar Blade. As one would expect, that packs a good amount of spoilers. You have been warned!

1. Attack Skill Tree

The ‘Attack’ skill tree involves all kinds of basic attacks and the perks you can get. Consider these the basic foundation of combat. These are the must-unlock skills in the Attack skill tree:

  • Beta Energy Recharge I (attack-based)
  • Beta Energy Recharge II (attack-based)
  • Beta Chain
  • Ambush Chain Charge
  • Beta Energy Theft
  • Aerial Blow
  • Lightning Rush
  • Infinite Rush
  • Rush Chain I
  • Rush Chain II

2. Survival Skill Tree

The survival skill tree unlocks the combination of attacks and defensive skills primarily built around parrying and dodging. With these skills, one can play their way around the combat by creating a chain of normal and counterattacks. The skills to unlock here are:

  • Focus Boost
  • Reflex Boost
  • Double Dodge
  • Repulse
  • Threat Detection
  • Beta Energy Recharge I (parry-based)
  • Beta Energy Recharge II (parry-based)
  • Counter I
  • Counter II
  • Counter Chain I
  • Counter Chain II
  • Burst Energy Recharge I (dodge-based)
  • Burst Energy Recharge II (dodge-based)
  • Reflection I
  • Reflection II
  • Chain Reflection I
  • Chain Reflection II

3. Beta Skill Tree

The Beta Skill Tree is one of the most important skill trees you must look out for, amplifying the powers of your Beta Special Moves. These special moves consume the beta energy you get from the aforementioned skills in Attack and Survival skill trees, such as successfully parrying, attacking, etc.

Moreover, unlocking the remaining special moves is entirely your choice, depending on how it fits into your playstyle at the end of the day.


  • Damage Boost (Triplet)
  • Beta Energy Withdrawal (Triplet)
  • Quadruplet
  • Finishing Blow Increase


  • Beta Energy Withdrawal (Slash)
  • Damage Boost (Slash)
  • Crescent Slash
  • Charge Enhancement
  • Finishing Blow Increase

Shock Wave (Needs to be unlocked)

  • Beta Energy Withdrawal (Shock Wave)
  • Damage Boost (Shock Wave)
  • Cross Wave
  • Wave Enhancement

Shield Breaker (Needs to be unlocked)

  • Shield Breaker
  • Shield Damage Boost
  • Fragmentation

4. Burst Skill Tree

The Burst Skill Tree is identical to the Beta Skill Tree, but these skills are based on burst energy gained from perfect dodge, blink, and repulse instead of parry. Burst skills are an absolute menace in this game, and they look amazing when pulled off. Thus, the best burst skills to look out for are:

Punishing Edge (Needs to be unlocked)

  • Disable
  • Damage Boost I
  • Damage Boost II
  • Dual Edge

Tempest (Needs to be unlocked)

  • Damage Boost I
  • Shield Break
  • Life Steal
  • Pulse Storm

Overdrive (Needs to be unlocked)

  • Overload I
  • Overload II
  • Quick Boost I
  • Quick Boost II

5. Tachy Skill Tree

When you press L3+R3 together, you will go into Tachy mode, similar to Kratos’ spartan rage mode in the God of War series. Here are the best skills in the Tachy skill tree:

  • Judgment Wave
  • Revenge
  • Judgment Time
  • Judgment Counter I
  • Judgment Counter II

That’s everything you need to know about the best skills in Stellar Blade. Most skills are expertly crafted to try different moves and choose the one you love playing the most. Thus, even after considering the best skills here, I urge you to try the remaining skills to see if it suits your taste.

So, which skills did you end up getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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