This Stealthy iPhone 12 Pro Max Costs Almost Rs. 5 Lakhs and Has No Cameras

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Since Apple released the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro models, the Russia-based premium smartphone-modders, Caviar has come up with some pretty expensive versions of the latest Apple devices. Now, the company recently released a new line of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models that are, as usual, more expensive than ever. However, this time, the company has completely removed one of the most important components of the devices and that is the camera modules. Yeah, you read that right!

Well, I don’t know what the designers at Caviar were thinking while designing the new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max “Stealth” models. The company made the new devices without the back camera component and also disabled the front cameras. And, as per the company, it is all in the name of privacy.

The “Unnecessary” Component

Caviar says as user-privacy has become a myth in today’s digital world, they wanted to create “a simple phone without any unnecessary functions”. Well, if the company thinks that the cameras of the iPhones are “unnecessary”, what can you even do about it?

Moreover, the prices of the models, depending on their specifications and physical design, are pretty steep and it is not at all surprising. The Stealth iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models come in two colors – black and gold, the gold models being the more expensive ones.

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So, the price ranges from $4,990 (~Rs. 3,69,194) for the base model of the black iPhone 12 Pro Stealth to $6,750 (~Rs. 4,98,412) for the 512GB gold iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth model. And Caviar will make only 99 of the Stealth models.

You can check out the Stealth iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models on Caviar’s official website. And if you are considering getting one of these ultra-expensive smartphones that do not even have a camera, I just want you to know that I like supercars and I’ll mail you my delivery address. Thanks!

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