Starfield Magstorm vs Magshear: Which Should You Pick?

In Short
  • Magstorm is one of the best heavy weapons in Starfield with high base damage and fire rate, but it's super heavy.
  • Magshear is a burst rifle that is in a league of its own because of its higher damage, lower weight, and better modding features.
  • Between the two, we recommend choosing the Magshear in Starfield for its brilliant stopping and modding capabilities.

Well-designed and unique weapons make combat a fun experience, especially if it is a futuristic gun in Bethesda’s sci-fi world of Starfield. Well, you will come across two of the best guns, the Magstorm and the Magshear, at various points in the game. And once you own either of them, you’ll know how great they are in terms of weapon handling and damage output. However, when it comes to picking the best one, you might get confused. After all, both guns are in a league of their own. In this article, we discuss the stats for both Magstorm and Magshear and decide which is the better gun.

Starfield Magstorm Properties

Deep in the hearts of the planet Neon, at the Kore Kinetics, you can purchase possibly one of the best heavy weapons if you have a high enough level. It’s called the Magstorm, and if you have a high enough level and purchase it, you can wreak havoc against your enemies.

Magstorm has a high base damage and fire rate in Starfield (review). This means that at a higher level, it will shred the armor of any opponent. And if you have played the game enough, you know most late-game enemies have tough armor.

Another reason why Magstorm is one of the well-sought-out weapons in-game is because of its mix of range, accuracy, and damage. There is no start-up delay, and you can begin annihilating enemies almost immediately, unlike other guns in the game.

The only limitation of Magstorm has to be its limited mod upgradability. You can only mod its magazines and internals. Compared to other guns, that feels small. While its increased weight is a subjective problem, it can be an issue if your weight limit isn’t perfect. Here are the properties of the Magstorm:

Weapon TypeBallistics
Physical Damage9
Fire Rate400
Mass (Weight)12.00

Starfield Magshear Properties

In three different shops around the world of Starfield, namely Neon Tactical, Best Defense, and Centaurian Arsenal, you will find another cool piece of weaponry that locks horns with Magstorm, called Magshear.

Another high-tier weapon, this gun is possibly one of the better ballistic weapons in-game. Be it its modest rate of fire or damage, Magshear gets the work done.

Another front Magshear excels in Starfield is its weight. For the power it packs, Magshear has quite a manageable weight limit. Anyone with a modest carrying weight can easily keep Magshear in their inventory and shred enemies on intergalactic missions.

Moreover, you can change almost every component, including internals, magazines, barrels, lasers, and muzzles by modding. This gives you the option to customize the gun to your liking, a trait that’s severely lacking in the Magstorm.

If there is one downside to the Magshear, it has to be its reload time. Magshear will require frequent reloading, which can annoy during intense combat situations. Otherwise, you are getting a pretty all-rounded weapon. Here are the properties of the Magshear in Starfield:

Weapon TypeBallistics
Physical Damage13
Fire Rate300
Mass (Weight)3.90

Magstorm vs Magshear: Which Should You Pick?

So, we are at the final stretch, deciding which gun to pick between Magstorm and Magshear. Well, I think Magshear outshines Magstorm for two reasons. Magshear is a better gun because of its higher damage per bullet and manageable weight.

Furthermore, another area where Magshear shines over Magstorm is its modding options. You can mod most of its parts with something better and further improve its capabilities.

But of course, both guns are some of the best weapons in-game. Hence, at the end of the day, it boils down to your preference. And that is where we want to hear from you. Which of the two guns do you prefer using in-game and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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