New Star Wars Mandalorian Game Reportedly in Development; Check Details!

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In Short
  • Sources from Insider Gaming claim a new Star Wars Mandalorian game is in development!
  • There is no release date or confirmation of the game as of now. Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on the game.
  • Elements of the gameplay & story have been mentioned, too, being described as fast-paced with wild movement mechanics.

The Mandalorian is a super popular & critically acclaimed show based in the Star Wars universe and has won hearts worldwide. In a positive turn of events, it looks like Respawn Entertainment is working on a first-person game centered around it!

As per sources from Insider Gaming, this new Star Wars-themed game is in the “early stages of development.” Counting from today, development could take one to two years. But we don’t have any release date for this game yet.

I suppose we could end up seeing a teaser or trailer in late 2024, but that could be later in 2025, too, since there is not much official word on this upcoming Star Wars Mandalorian game.

Star Wars Mandalorian Game: Expected Gameplay Features

Based on what we hear, the upcoming Mandalorian will be a fast-paced game. The gameplay has been described as focused on “style” and “mobility.” Hearing this excites me to see Respawn potentially working on innovative movement mechanics for this upcoming Star Wars game. I love fast-paced movement in games, so this could be super fun to play when it comes out!

The rumor mentions that the Mandalorian game will be a first-person game. This would make it quite different from the previously released games, such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order & Survivor, which are third-person experiences.

Reportedly, there could be a perk in the game for getting additional health points by killing opponents. Various weapon options are expected to be featured in the upcoming game. There could be gadgets such as a grappling hook, too. Plus, there could be a jetpack that allows for advanced movements. This includes making big jumps, dashing, and perhaps even boost sliding!

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Star Wars Mandalorian: Story Rumors

There have also been rumors on the game’s story. It is expected that the Galactic Empire will be active in the game and will be engaging in intergalactic battles. In the show Mandalorian, this empire does not exist.

The show’s story is set after the events of the Battle of Endor, in which the Galactic Empire saw its end. So, it looks like the upcoming Mandalorian Star Wars game will be set in a time that is a few years earlier than the events of the show.

Where will the game be set? Presumably, the planet Mandalore which is known to be continuously at war. As per the rumor, we will play as bounty hunters in the game to capture them for rewards.

Mandalore Star Wards Mandalorian
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Respawn Entertainment is known for its work on Apex Legends. I still think it is one of the best battle royale games. Fans will be incredibly excited for this upcoming movement shooter set in the Star Wars universe!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming Star Wars Mandalorian game? Let us know in the comments below.

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